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7 Must Download Apps If You’re A Web Designer

A Web Designer

7 Must Download Apps If You’re A Web Designer: The best apps for web designers make it simple and easy to navigate different aspects of their everyday work. Designers also know they need to remain creative and agile. And apps offer a means through which to stay connected and inspired.

But what apps for web designers might you want to know about?

In this article, we consider various apps that can increase productivity and help web designers simplify and improve different aspects of the day-to-day routine.

7 Must Download Apps If You’re A Web Designer

A Web Designer


Asana is a dynamic project management tool with an attractive interface and lots of functionality. You will find many similar apps, but Asana offers a more comprehensive approach to project management, and this is certainly true about the paid version.

You can move and share tasks easily on Asana while communicating with other members of a project. The interface features an attractive dashboard, and the overall system makes it easy to keep everything organized and easy to understand.

 There is also a visual project line which helps track progress. Additionally, the app is free to use for teams with less than fifteen people. Asana is also a very flexible app and facilitates integration with many other apps including Google Calendar, Dropbox, and Slack.


According to Digital Authority, Canva is the most popular graphic design software in the online world with more than 30 million regular users. There’s good reasons for this popularity and why web designers like to keep this app on their smartphones.

Aside from the fact that Canva is rather fun, it’s possible to create professional designs on the go. It may not be quite as flexible as graphic design software on a desktop, but these designs are amazing and there’s minimal learning curve to the app.

Canva is also free to use and provides an immense collection of templates, fonts, and ideas for creatives. However, the paid version is worth the investment, and this app is at least a great way to create and share initial concepts/ideas with other creatives.


Fontbook is growing in popularity with web designers due to the simplistic and practical nature of the app. It provides a huge library of typefaces (750,000+) and tools which enable designers to layer, move, and combine them at will.

There is a search function on Fontbook, and you can filter between styles, years, genres and many other types of criteria. The smartphone version is equipped with lists and searches, and there’s a strong focus on practicality for mobile users.

Simply put, Fontbook is designed to be quick and easy and makes the font process more fun than frustrating, which is likely music to every designer’s ears.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Want some photo editing magic at your fingertips?

You likely have Adobe on a laptop or desktop. Also, Adobe Photoshop Express is an excellent app for web designers that move around. It’s true, a computer is always going to provide more tools or capability, but this app still provides a lot of value.

You can enjoy many of the same features including filters or correction tools, and the app version is very easy to navigate. What’s more, it’s possible to send ideas to colleagues on the app or share photos to social media in just a couple of swipes.


Are you tired of running out of storage and deleting files from your smartphone at the last minute? Maybe you want a backup for these files? Dropbox might be your answer!

Dropbox is a storage app that allows users to store documents, images. Also, files in a remote folder that can be accessed anywhere. It’s one of many options on the market, but few can rival the range of functions and collaboration features on Dropbox.

The paid version allows for much more storage and the interface is even more straightforward than the desktop version. Dropbox also creates a backup of these files, and there’s an option that can automatically upload everything from your phone.


Project management tools are great, but Slack really helps tie everyone together. It’s classed as a “productivity app,” but the instant messaging service is the main purpose for this one. Although, maybe you use email or another platform for messaging?

Using Slack is faster and more organized than email, and you can integrate this app with most any project management tool. This means that slack can be added to the likes of Asana to create a functional and robust workspace for all projects and communication.

Need any more reasons for this one? Slack looks and feels amazing, and many top companies are using Slack to help turn their brand into a cultural powerhouse.


Want to check what other designers are working on? Want to know what’s trending? Looking for inspiration? Dribbble is hugely popular among web designers, and this social networking app connects creatives all over the world.

In many ways, you might think of this app like a remote collection of portfolios. But then also a place to connect with other designers. As if that’s not enough, Dribbble features job and recruitment opportunities. Also, its an easy means through which to share your own work/experience.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to the ever-increasing world of apps, web designers can often work just as efficiently while on the go. These apps can also help designers remain organized while staying connected with team members and other creatives.

In fact, with the right design apps, it’s possible to create a second studio on a smartphone. Also, ensure your time on the move is just as productive as when sitting comfortably at your desk.

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