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Air Fog 1, Tule Fog Or Bay Area Fog, Which Is It?

Air Fog 1

Air Fog 1, Tule Fog Or Bay Area Fog, Which Is It?: In the Bay Area, we’re accustomed to seeing fog. Summertime along the coast is notoriously foggy — just ask the shivering tourists who flocked to Fisherman’s Wharf during the month of July.

Air Fog 1, Tule Fog Or Bay Area Fog, Which Is It?

Air Fog 1

Layer | Air Fog 1

The summer marine layer is created when the inland valleys heat up. Drawing cool condense moisture (fog). From over the Pacific Ocean inland. Through Golden Gate as well as other gaps in the coastal mountains.

However, there are several ways to become stranded in the fog. Tule fog. A low radiation fog that forms from the ground up and is named.

After the tule reeds that grow in the marshes of the Central Valley. It is most prevalent during the winter months.

Occasionally, during the winter, dense tule fog can be seen drifting westward. 

Relationship Between Air Pressure And Temprature

During the winter, the relationship between air pressure and temperature is flipped. As the coast is typically much warmer than the inland valleys.

It causing fog to flow from the valleys to the sea, as shown in the diagram.

Amy Whitcomb, writing in Bay Nature, compares it to taking a deep breath in the summer. When fog is drawn inland, followed by a deep exhale in the winter. When tule fog moves closer to the coast.

Tulle Fog | Air Fog 1

Tulle fog over the bay is a relatively uncommon occurrence. But it is a common occurrence during winter months. It is in the Central Valley, where visibility can be reduced to zero at times.

So, despite the fact that the summertime fog in the Bay Area. As well as the tule fog in the Central Valley are vastly different. They are both cold and wet.

Dress in layers and be aware of which direction the wind is blowing.

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