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Ancient Egypt Punishments | As Punishment, Children Wrote Lines Similar To Bart Simpson

Ancient Egypt Punishments

Ancient Egypt Punishments | As Punishment, Children Wrote Lines Similar To Bart Simpson: Over 18,000 broken ceramic “ostraca” pieces, used in ancient Egypt as writing materials, have been discovered by archaeologists.

Ancient Egypt Punishments | As Punishment, Children Wrote Lines Similar To Bart Simpson

Ancient Egypt Punishments

Names Lists, God Representations, And Food Receipts

Lists of names, depictions of gods, and receipts for food purchases can find etch into the shreds. Hundreds of examples of lines written by students getting Bart Simpson. Also, like penalties are thought to be among them, according to the study.

Professor Christian Leitz of the Institute for Ancient Near Eastern Studies (IANES) of Germany’s University of Tübingen supervised excavations in Tell Atrib, a region that was originally ancient Athribis. There have been a lot of large finds of this type.

According to Leitz: “This discovery was astounding in terms of its size. There has never been a find of this size in Egypt except at Deir el-Medineh [an important archaeological site located near the Valley of the Kings in Luxor].”

Also, a huge number of ostraca, inscribed with ink and a reed or hollow stick. Were employed as writing material around 2,000 years ago by Leitz and his colleagues with the help of Mohamed Abdelbadia. As wel as his team from the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.

Inadditionl, the ancient hamlet of Athribis, around 120 miles north of Luxor, archaeologists believe the freshly discovered ostraca will provide light on daily life. When all the writings or at least a major portion of them have evaluate, which will take years, we will be able to produce a case study of daily life in late Ptolemaic/early Roman times, says Leitz.

Demotic Script Is Present On The Majority Of Ceramics

Hence the Demotic script, which originated approximately 600 B.C. after the Hieratic style. It is find on most of the pottery collect from the team. Aside from hieratic, hieroglyphic, Coptic, and Arabic scripts, Greek was the second most common language find in the researchers.

Hence, it is form of ostraca that the researchers came upon depicted human characters, mythical creatures, and geometric shapes, including a scorpion and a swallow (from the neighbouring temple). Aside from names and meals, Egyptologists were surprise how many of these ostraca seem to work create an old school.

Also, a “bird alphabet” where each letter is assign a bird whose name begins with that letter. To punish students, the researchers believe they have discovered old writing exercises with the same characters repeated front and back. Leitz told Newsweek that the neighbouring temple built by Ptolemy XII. Also, Cleopatra VII’s father, may have use as part of the school.

Egyptologists from Tübingen University have working in Athribis since 2003. As well as the project was sponsor the German Research Foundation for 15 years. It is create for Repit, the lion goddess, and her husband Min-Re. It became a nunnery after pagan religions were outlaw around 380 A.D.

Most important, excavations at a sanctuary west of the temple began in early 2018. Egyptologists have discovered multi-story buildings, staircases, and vaults in the rubble surrounding his tomb.

An international team lead by Sandra Lippert, chief of research at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, is currently analysing the ostraca, while Carolina Teotino of the University of Tübingen studies the pictorial ostraca.

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