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Architectural Distortion Breast, DBT With Mild Pathology

Architectural Distortion Breast

Architectural Distortion Breast, DBT With Mild Pathology: Imaging surveillance is a management option for architectural distortion on digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) that results in radial scar without atypia and other concordant benign pathologies without atypia at biopsy.

Architectural Distortion Breast, DBT With Mild Pathology

Architectural Distortion Breast

What Actually It Is?

Following the definition of architectural distortion as parenchymal distortion without a visible mass in the breast. There is study in which they included cases of mammographically detected architectural distortion.

That were nonmalignant at image-guided needle biopsy and underwent surgical excision from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2019.

Mammographic exams included both digital 2D mammography and digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT). The descriptive statistics method was used to summarise the upgrade rates based on imaging data extracted from radiology reports.

Overall Result

When combined with concordant nonmalignant pathology results at biopsy. The overall upgrade rate of architectural distortion on DBT.

From nonmalignant pathology to malignancy at surgery was 10.2 percent (13/128). In architectural distortion without atypia. The upgrade rate to malignancy was 2.2 percent (2/89) at biopsy.

While the upgrade rate in architectural distortion with atypia was 28.2 percent (11/39) at biopsy.

Given that surgery has traditionally been recommend for all cases of architectural distortion. Including those that are nonmalignant at biopsy.

The researchers concluded that results suggest that imaging surveillance. Rather than surgery may consider for radial scars without an atypia. As well as other benign concordant pathologies without an atypia.

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