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Austen Southern Charm | New Cast Member Of Southern Charm

Austen Southern Charm

Austen Southern Charm | New Cast Member Of Southern Charm: Austen Kroll is a new cast member on the hit reality show Southern Charm. She is Shep Rose’s best friend and has a history of arrests. Austen was born on June 16, 1987 in Washington D.C., but was raised in the South, growing up in Charleston, SC, and Charlotte, NC. She has an older sister, Kyle. Austen joined the show in season four, and has already racked up a number of accolades.

Austen Southern Charm | New Cast Member Of Southern Charm

Austen Southern Charm

Craig Conover And Austen Kroll Patch Up Their Differences

The Southern Charm co-stars have officially patched up their differences after months of feuding. On the Pillows and Beer podcast, Conover revealed why he and Kroll were at odds with one another. He was also caught up in the controversy over a hookup with Naomie Olindo. Austen, who previously dated Conover’s ex, also apologized for smearing Kroll, saying that he only said that in order to gain popularity with the female viewers of his show.

The two split in season 8 because of the fact that Austen had used confidential information that Craig had shared with her to hurt him. She later found out that Craig was cheating on her with Paige DeSorbo, and Craig told Austen about the affair. But, Austen wasn’t convinced by her version of events, and he had to turn to Naomie for reassurance.

Madison LeCroy’s Relationship With Austen Kroll

Madison LeCroy has weighed in on Olivia Flowers and her on-again, off-again relationship with Austen Kroll. Although the two are no longer romantically involved, LeCroy has admitted that she’s missing partying and hanging out with Kroll. LeCroy also defended Kroll’s new girlfriend. The actress also addressed the drama surrounding Olivia Flowers’ relationship with Kroll.

Madison LeCroy’s relationship with Austent Kroll has been one of the most scandalous in recent TV history. The former “Southern Charm” star was criticized for engaging in inappropriate behavior with fellow cast members and describing her as a “f*****g Medusa” during filming. While LeCroy’s relationship with Austen was rocky, she has been living the good life after splitting from her former love.

Craig Conover’s New Relationship With Kristin Cavallari

Recently, rumors have started circulating about a possible romance between reality television star Craig Conover and Kristin Cavallari. The two are supposedly back together after dating in the past but Craig Conover and Kristin have denied such reports. In fact, the two were seen together in the same scene in the show’s latest episode on Jan. 31. Kristin Cavallari and Craig Conover were seen together in the scene while filming the episode.

The two first became friends in the fall of 2020 and started a relationship. In January 2022, Cavallari appeared to be hooked up with Conover, which sparked rumors of a love triangle between the two. Also, In February 2022, Cavallari denied dating Conover. In October, Cavallari and Conover were spotted together in Nashville. While they’ve since moved on from the rumors, Conover said he’s still in love with her.

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