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Back Pain | How To Deal With Its Problems & Solution

Back Pain

Back Pain | How To Deal With Its Problems & Solution:  Back Pain is a common problem for our current generation. This problem has been spreading more across from last 15 – 20 years only. Now the point which comes into my mind is “something has to be there which has been changing drastically in our daily routine“.

Yes, the first and foremost thing is “we have changed our nature of work”. The digital world is the reality of today’s generation.

For those who are working on computer/laptop / automated systems, for housewives who are spending most of the time with gadgets (mobile, tab etc.), for children who are more inclined towards indoor digital games than outdoor physical activities.

It resulted in long sitting in the wrong posture, Continuously watching the digital screen without any break and many other habits which are not good for health.

Due to these habits, many of us have been suffering from lower back pain, neck pain, spondylosis, vertigo, dry eyes & many more problems.

Back Pain | How To Deal With Its Problems & Solution

Back Pain

Let’s Concentrate On Important Points 

  • Always use the backrest while sitting for long. (more than an hour)
  • Take a break after every 30 minutes. Roam around for a while.
  • Don’t put a filled water bottle at your workstation; always try to go to the water cooler to drink water
  • Make these 4-5 exercises a part of your daily routine. Try in the following order (20 mins)
    • Pelvic tilt
    • Standing hamstring stretch
    • Extension exercise
    • Side Plank
    • Plank

I would recommend you do not try these while you have pain & always consult a physiotherapist before starting any new type of exercise. 

  • After these exercises, daily go for a brisk walk of at least 2-3 KM in the morning (30 mins walk)
  • If you can go swimming for 30 minutes daily, then no need for the two points mentioned above.
  • Avoid Lifting heavy objects – if necessary, then lift properly.
  • Never sit in the wrong posture – sit up straight & stand straight.
  • Don’t be overweight – as the lightweight will put less strain on the back
  • Correct sleeping posture. If one are suffering from back pain, then It should sleep straight, should not use a pillow & put a pillow under your legs.
  • Never get up straight from bed. Always bend your knees & tilt on any of your sides first. Then get up with the support of your elbow.
  • Always use a hot water bag while having back pain. Take complete bed rest for a speedy recovery.

I hope after reading this blog, you will find a way to make your back much stronger.

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