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Baterer | What Is Battered Woman Syndrome

Battered Woman

Baterer | What Is Battered Woman Syndrome: Hey, guys I am sharing you some useful information about the Battered Woman Syndrome, Its stages and signs. May this information helps you.

Baterer | What Is Battered Woman Syndrome

Battered Woman


We can call this syndrome as the Battered Person Syndrome, this can be consequence of continuing of domestic abuse. This syndrome is a subcategory of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (ptsd).

During this battered woman syndrome people may feel helpless. They mentally believe that they only deserve this abuse and they can’t get rid off from it. Some of the cases of this they even don’t report about the dometic abuse they are continuing facing.

If anyone who is suffering from this syndrome and that person is your known, contact them and give them strength there is a future for them. Read full article so you get more information about this.

What Is The Battered Woman Syndrome?

There are different situations in this syndrome, not every one look same.

In General It Has Four Stages:


People who are facing abuse they can’t just accept that they have been abused, and also thought that this is there first time.


Person who is facing this syndrome they feel they are the rid of this abuse, everythings is happening because of them.


In this stage, they believes that this abuse is not from them and the person who is abusing them have a brutal personality.


In this they may sense this abuse is not because of them, this abuse cause by the abuser. They are not a part of it. This case is only comes when person has choice to leave the relationship.

How This Syndrome Develops

This Syndrome is all result of domestic abuse. This domestic abuse we find between the intimate partners. The term ‘domestic abuse’ covers the child and elder abuse as well.

There is cycle which follows between the abusive and intimate partner.

Firstly, They just wanted to win the heart of new partner and steadily move into the new realtionship. They use techniques like impress you by saying loving words to you, always a romatic person infront of you and giving you a speedy commitments.

Secondly, These abusive partners are not only phsically abusive but emotionally too. This starts with the small slaps or he stands his partner against the wall.

Thirdly, Then they do such a emotional drama in which they swear they will not do this again and they win again their partner trust with loving words.

Fourthly, Their is a starting honeymoon period in which the abusive parnter is at his best behaviour for creating a good will in front of partner.

Lastly, Again he starts abusing and this cycle repeats so on.

This whole process of abusive relationship happens bacuase of some reasons and the reasons are financial independency which abuser giving, not leaving because of their childern, fear of leaving, can’t trust about the the abusive things done with them by their partner.

This whole process develops the Battered Woman Syndrome. Once the person trapped by this syndrome, its very difficult from them to regain their live.


Different Symptoms Of Battered Woman Syndrome:

  • All abuse because of them.
  • They hide their abuse from their relatives and friends.
  • For children sake, they can’t leave.
  • They thought they trapped by their abusive partner and he sees them every mintue.
  • They never know what a mood partner have is it a loving one or abusive.

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