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Batman Beats, These Are The DC Characters Who Consistently Beat Batman In Battles

Batman Beats

 Batman Beats, These Are The DC Characters Who Consistently Beat Batman In Battles: Batman is a skilled fighter who can defeat most foes. But he keeps losing to these characters for whatever reason.

Batman Beats, These Are The DC Characters Who Consistently Beat Batman In Battles

Batman Beats

Nocturnal Demonstration Of Mastery | Batman Beats

Robin’s original creator, Dick Grayson, has repeatedly demonstrated that he is equal to Batman in both intelligence and combat skills.

His natural agility is far greater than Bruce Wayne’s, and his personality is unmatched.

Grayson proved he’d outgrown his master’s tutelage after switching from Robin to Nightwing. In Tim Seeley’s Nightwing , Dick laid down the smackdown on Batman.

To Show Batman Who The True Martial Arts Master Is

Bronze Tiger defeated Batman in Detective Comics #485 with a single kick. With one blow, he killed the original Batwoman, Kathy Kane. Batman was helpless, only hearing Kathy’s screams.

After regaining consciousness, Batman discovers that the League of Assassins had murdered Kathy while he was distracted.

Bronze Tiger not only defeated Batman physically, but he also shattered his already shattered psyche.

For A Long Time, Catwoman Outwitted And Outwitted Batman

There will be cracks in the road with any long-term on/off relationship, especially when high-stakes vigilantism is involved. With these characters often on opposing sides of the law, their interactions have been explosive.

While the two have battled many times, no defeat was as shocking as Bruce’s in Batman. Catwoman became enraged after learning of Bruce’s relationship.

It is with Vicki Vale and attacked him, surprising him and easily defeating him.  Catwoman regained her senses before killing Batman, but the audience saw just how dangerous she is and will be in the future.

Deathstroke Is An Unstoppable Killer That Even Batman Can’t Stop.

Deathstroke has been portrayed as the DC Universe’s deadliest assassin since his debut in Marv Wolfman and George Pérez’s The New Teen Titans.

It didn’t take long for him for coming to blows with Batman, and the results were often disastrous.

Slade Wilson has defeated the Dark Knight several times. Superman’s combat skills, superhuman physicality, and healing factor. Hence that make him one of the Dark Knight’s most formidable opponents.

Swamp Thing Proves That Mother Nature Wins | Batman Beats

Audiences were treated to an epic battle during Alan Moore’s seminal run on Swamp Thing. In retaliation for his wife’s imprisonment.

Swamp Thing turns Gotham into a swampy wasteland, forcing Batman to fight back to save his home.

In a rare instance of Batman being completely out of his element, he quickly loses to the Swamp Thing and his natural forces.

This beloved storyline, which was a brilliant allegory for the world’s climate problems in 1986. Still rings true and feels relevant today.

Prometheus Shows Batman What It Means To Be Alone

Prometheus is a villain who can download his opponents’ fighting styles as he fights them. His ability to cheat and avoid hard work is as deadly as it is infuriating.

This villain has not only fought and defeated members of the Justice League, but has also beaten Batman several times. His frustrating and adaptable abilities make him a formidable foe that Batman dreads meeting.

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