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Ben Wa Ball | What You Need To Know About It Let’s See

Ben Wa ball

Ben Wa Ball | What You Need To Know About It Let’s See: Ben Wa balls range in size from a marble to 2 inches. Some are metal, while others are plastic with metal ball bearings inside to provide weight.

Keeping Ben Wa balls inside your vagina may not be safe. Alternate methods may thus benefit those seeking to strengthen pelvic floor muscles or improve sexual pleasure.

Ben Wa Ball | What You Need To Know About It Let’s See

Ben Wa ball

Predicted Advantages And Functions

Some people use Ben Wa balls to help with Kegels. It helps strengthen the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles. This may help reduce incontinence and tighten the vagina.

Using Ben Wa balls or similar devices to strengthen these muscles is currently untested. As effective as pelvic floor muscle training in treating leaking urine, according to a 2013 review of existing research.

However, the studies included in this review tended to be small. The authors say larger trials with more people may be required to fully understand the effectiveness of vaginal weights.

Using Ben Wa Balls In A Variety Of Ways

Due to the risks of using Ben Wa balls, people may benefit more from Kegel exercises without them, or from other forms of sexual stimulation.

If someone uses Ben Wa balls, they should use plenty of lubricant to help ease the balls into the vagina and improve comfort. They should be able to easily pull the balls out if there is a string. Before insertion, both hands and the Ben Wa balls should be clean.

To Perform Kegel Exercises

Performing Kegel exercises without Ben Wa balls should be practised first. This can help prevent sprains and other overuse injuries. When performing Kegel exercises, add Ben Wa balls to the routine. Insert the balls before beginning the exercises.

Adding Ben Wa balls to a workout

  • Lie on your back, lubricate the balls, and place them in your vagina.
  • Then they should clench their pelvic floor muscles.
  • Hold for 5 seconds.
  • Release the muscles, rest, and squeeze again.

Aim for five squeezes per set and three sets per day.

For Your Partner’s Benefit

The Ben Wa balls should be inserted a few hours to minutes before sexual activity. The user or their partner can then remove the Ben Wa balls.The user can keep the balls in their vagina for anal sex.

Keeping the Ben Wa balls in during anal sex pushes them against the vagina’s most sensitive spots. No Ben Wa balls in the anus. Instead, those seeking anal stimulation can look for specially designed balls.

If the user and their partner agree, the Ben Wa balls can be kept in the vagina during sex. This may stimulate more. To avoid discomfort, the user’s partner should keep penetration shallow and steady.

Use Alone

Ben Wa balls can also help with masturbation. They can also move the balls in and out. However, leaving them in place is a more intense use.

The balls may then stimulate various vaginal areas as the person moves. They may also increase the pleasure of exploring one’s erogenous zones.

After Usage

To remove the Ben Wa balls, lie down and lubricate. They should then pull the balls out after lubrication.

If the balls are hard to remove, the user can add more lubrication and then jump or move. This may help them flee.


The pelvic floor must continuously relax and contract. Long-term Ben Wa balls in the vagina may prevent this, causing health issues.

Before using Ben Wa ball for exercise, one should consider the risks:

  • Overexertion
  • Exercise-induced pain
  • Vaginal tearing

If these risks worry you, talk to your doctor before using Ben Wa balls. Clean Ben Wa balls thoroughly before and after use. Infections can occur if they are not kept clean. Notify your doctor if you experience any of the following symptoms after using Ben Wa balls:

  • Unexplained
  • Odour
  • Ailment or pain

Choosing Ben Wa Balls

The main concern with Ben Wa balls is the potential health risks. There are safer ways to strengthen pelvic floor muscles and increase sexual stimulation.

If someone decides to use Ben Wa balls, they should consider their previous experience with similar devices, their comfort level, and their intended use. Start with larger, lighter balls with a string. These are easier to place and remove.

Once familiarised with the use of these balls, they can be varied in size and material. For example, use smaller, detached balls. They could also use metallic or heavier balls.

Considerations For Patient Diagnosis

Before using Ben Wa balls for exercise, one should consult with their physician.

Before using Ben Wa balls, make sure you consult a doctor if you:

  • A gynaecological operation
  • Is postpartum recovery
  • A woman
  • A uterine device
  • Menstrual cup
  • A pelvic infection or pain

Using Ben Wa balls can cause pain or discomfort if you have one of these conditions. It is advised to stop using Ben Wa balls if unusual discomfort occurs.

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