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Bender Futurama, Things You Should know About Him

Bender Bending

Bender Futurama, Things You Should know About Him: Bender Bending Rodrguez (born September 4, 2996), designated Bending Unit 22, and commonly known as Bender, is a bending unit created by a MomCorp division in Tijuana, Mexico, and his serial number is 2716057.

His mugshot identification number is 01473. He is Fry’s closest companion. And it has a negative counterpart.

Bender Futurama, Things You Should know About Him

Bender Bending


Bender consumes copious amounts of alcohol to recharge his fuel cells, and when he stops drinking, he exhibits symptoms similar to intoxication, even sporting “five o’clock rust” around his mouth.

Bender frequently emits “flaming burps,” which aren’t always “burps.” He gambles, smokes cigars, hangs out with hookerbots, and has 100,000 terabytes of porn on his computer.

He’s constantly attempting to attract attention, presumably in order to maintain his already inflated ego. He is armed with Gaydar,which typically indicates that everyone is gay. His “self-destruct sequence” irritates him.

He shares a closet-sized apartment with Fry, complete with an apartment-sized closet.

He likes turtles (because they can’t get off their backs), penguins, and Napoleon Bonaparte. Bender was crowned Pharaoh on the planet O’Cyris IV, but his servants were fed up with his inhumane treatment and sent him to his death (before he actually died).

What Is Bender’s Intrest

Bender is also interested in cooking, despite the fact that he is shown to have no sense of actual human taste, frequently creating dishes that can even kill plant life. He also believes that humans consume rocks.

When magnets are attached to his head, he loses his inhibitions and acts like a folk singer. Bender has also stolen the kidney of his best friend Fry.

Prior To Planet Express

Bender was built in Tijuana, Mexico in the year 2996. He builts without a backup unit, which is intended to assist him in backing up data so that if his body is destroyed, he can upload his data into another body if he so desires.

Bender was identified as defective in the absence of this unit, and he would have to be destroyed in order to avoid tarnishing Mom’s Company.

However, Hermes (who worked as a bureaucrat at Mom’s Robot Company at the time) charges of destroying defective robots and chosing for not killing Bender.

He gave his approval to Bender, and Bender left the factory defective and mortal; however, in the episode “Ghost in the Machines,” Bender possess all electronics (as a robot ghost), implying that he at least theoretically capable of backing himself up.

Before meeting Fry, he worked as a bending unit, bending girders for suicide booths. He attempted suicide after learning this, but was unsuccessful.

Fry then suggests that Bender take charge of his own life, which Bender flatly rejects. A split second later. He accidentally breaks a light bulb with his antenna, receives an electric shock, and then agrees to Fry’s advice. The rest of the storey is history.

On January 1, 3000, he joined Planet Express as a crew member alongside Leela and Fry.

Age(s) | Bender Futurama

Although Bender’s body was created in 2996, making him 4 years old, his head is 1055 years older because it was buried for centuries after travelling back in time.

He has also used the Time Sphere to travel back in time and wait until the present day numerous times, adding millions of years to his age.

It’s unclear how many times he’s travelled or how far back he’s gone, but his journeys have taken him from the time of the ancient Egyptians and Greeks to the Renaissance, and some have estimated that there are about 100 Benders in the scene.

While the Forwards Time Travel suggesting adding millions of years to Bender’s age, the Professor states that the machine’s design is to keep them static in time while the rest of the world passes by.

Despite the fact that the Professor and Fry do not age, neither does Bender, despite the fact that all three do not have access to a freeze booth. Because time in the bubble is relative, they only live for a few hours at most.

However, it is worth noting that the universe’s current age is estimated to be 13.8 billion years, and the time until the universe’s estimated “end” or “death” is 10150 years (using the standard index form for large numbers).

Assuming that the new Big Bangs occurr barely seconds after the previous iteration of the universe dies and that scientific estimates of the past and future are correct, Bender has lived for an additional 2*10150 years.

Because of these time travels, Bender’s exact age is unknown, but he is the oldest member of the Planet Crew, followed by Fry and Professor Farnsworth.

Personality Characteristics

Bender is described as a hedonistic, nihilistic anarchist with no self-control or inhibitions. He will pursue whatever goal he sets his mind to and will rarely be deterred by concerns about others.

Bender is a deadpan snarker with a razor-sharp wit and a pitch-black sense of humour based on other people’s misfortune.

He is extremely crass and vulgar, but at least he doesn’t waste time with pretences, and, unlike Fry, he is significantly more emotionally mature and competent when performing tasks.

Bender frequently portrays himself as a sociopath, but pangs of empathy overcome him, and he’s far more adoring and attentive to his friends than he’d like to admit.

He has the appearance of a selfish and insensitive robot who cares about no one but himself. He has been known to get the Planet Express Crew into a lot of trouble as a result of his scheming, but he rarely shows any remorse.

Bender has no problem and will gladly commit most crimes, ranging from petty theft of wallets to more serious crimes such as kidnapping Jay Leno’s head due to their long feud.

Furthermore, he has no sympathy for anyone on Earth, with two exceptions: turtles, because he identifies with them, and Fry, whom he regards as his best friend; at Fry’s “funeral,” he admit that whenever he says “Kill all humans,” he would quietly amend it with “Except one.”

Whom He Supports?

Bender is a staunch supporter of robots gaining human rights, and he enrage when he hears people argue that human life is more important than robot life.

On at least one occasion, when he is sufficiently terrifies or sick, bricks saw to fall from his backside (a reference to the line “shitting bricks.”).

While searching for missing parts after being stripped down at a chop shop, a brick-shaped chute can be seen on his uncovered underside. He has also demonstrated the characteristics of an avid shutterbug.

When he is sufficiently enthralled by something, he may pulls out a camera and take a photograph, claiming that the event is “neat.”

Talents | Bender Futurama

Bending and stealing are two words that come to mind. He also dabbles in (stage) magic and speaks penguin and Space Bee. He is also more durable than a human due to his robot body.

Bender’s chest cavity could be considered a magical satchel, as it has been shown for holding a whole human, inhuman torch. At least two heads; cigars; and even an entire kingdom’s wealth.

Cooking is something that Bender enjoys doing. However, because he lacks a sense of taste, his food is abysmal.

He is extremely sensitive to this hobby, as evidenced by his sobbing and fleeing from Planet Express. After Fry and Leela harshly criticised his cooking in front of him in “30% Iron Chef.”

His cooking skills appear to have improved slightly as the series progressed. He was able to make a cake for Nibbler as well as an edible salad.

Bender is also an excellent tap dancer, as evidenced by his second-place finish in a tap dance competition. In the episode “Stench and Stenchibility.”


  • Antenna
  • See also Robot Antenna.
  • Torso
  • Microwave
  • Essentially limitless storage
  • Humidifier
  • Storage for canons
  • Cellar for fermentation
  • In the mystery compartment, there is a secret processor.
  • Room in the dark
  • Head
  • Shaker for cocktails
  • The camera (eyes)
  • Death

When the Planet Express crew staged a fake funeral for Bender to demonstrate.That they would remember him when he died.

Fry mentioned that Bender’s favourite way to die would be crush by a runaway semi-truck drives by the Incredible Hulk; Bender touch that Fry remember that fact.

Furthermore, Bender’s retirement strategy is to flip his “on-off” switch to “off.”

Several time paradox duplicate of Bender dies by explosion in Bender’s Big Score. And one by destruction code from bladder failure.

According to Lethal Inspection, all robots have a wireless backup unit. That downloads them into a new body if their current body is destroy.

However, due to Inspector #5 overriding a quality control failure on Bender. He does not t have a backup unit, so when his hard drive destroy, he will die.

Bender murders by his ex-girlfriend (a suicide booth named Lynn) in Ghost in the Machines and becomes a robot ghost in limbo. At the end of the episode, he returning to his normal self. By saving Fry’s life and redeeming himself.

George Takei said a destruct sequence in Where No Fan Has Gone Before. Which caused Bender to blow up. He didn’t technically die, but he did explode. The order was 1A 2B 3C…

The H-Word in War Bender explode because Zapp Brannigan program him for exploding. When he says “ass” because it is the most common word he says. And he was using Bender as a weapon in his war against the floating brains.

When he  brings to Earth, he explode, and because Professor Farnsworth not disables the trigger. He changes the word to “antiquing,” and when Bender tries for guessing the word, he says “antiquing.”

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