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Best Mars Placement, How Do I Find My Mars Sign

Best Mars Placement

Best Mars Placement, How Do I Find My Mars Sign: The most basic astrology information anyone knows is their sun sign, based on their birth month and day. While your sun sign provides valuable insight into your core identity, confidence, and sense of self, it is only a small part of your natal (birth) chart.

This chart depicts the sun, moon, and planets at the time of your birth, taking into account your birth location. Professional astrologers can tell you what these placements mean about your personality, strengths, weaknesses, relationships, and more.

While it’s best to get a big-picture perspective at some point, you can learn a lot by looking at Mars’ position when you were born — aka your Mars sign. Find out what your Mars sign means and how it may affect your life.

Best Mars Placement, How Do I Find My Mars Sign

Best Mars Placement

Birth Chart Mars Meaning

Every celestial body speaks to a different aspect of your personality and wiring. Your horoscope’s Venus, for example, speaks to how you interact with others, express yourself romantically (aka how you flirt), artistically, and how you enjoy pleasure, as well as what you value and find aesthetically pleasing.

Best Mars Placement | Your Mars Return

Say you’ve discovered your Mars is in Aries. (Ooh, fiery — more later.) It’s also in Aries. But there’s another factor to consider. Planets move through signs in 30-degree increments. (Consider a highway with 30 different exits in one city.) Your birth sign and degree were affected by Mars’s position at the time. Megan Fox’s Mars is at 19 Capricorn. Serena Williams is in Leo 15°.

Mars returns to the exact spot where it was when you were born about every two years. If you can pinpoint this time period and pay attention to how you’re feeling and what’s going on, it may help you predict your actions and energy levels for the coming year.

Mars Signs, Explained | Best Mars Placement

Look up your natal Mars sign below. Here are the traits you might identify with based on your birth sign.

Mars Signs

Aries Mars

Considering Mars rules the Ram (along with Scorpio), you’re bound to have an ambitious streak. Mars in the fire sign is impulsive and excitable. Your rage may flare up quickly, but you must deal with it. You are driven, even competitive, to achieve your goals. Your sex drive is probably high, but you dislike pre-game and prefer to get right to work.

Taurus Mars

In the case of Mars in Capricorn, you’ll take your time with anything that enrages you. We know you have a short fuse. Once there, you may be tempted to fully address whatever enraged you. Goals make you this way. You’re all in, Taurus, the fixed (aka stubborn) earth sign. You’re a sensual lover who enjoys taking it easy in bed.

Gemini Mars

In Gemini, your ability to communicate comes through in your actions and reactions. Words can be used to get a job or show your passion for something. You are easily distracted and bored due to your high energy. Dirty talkers enjoy making sexy noises and discussing their fantasies in bed.

Cancer Mars

You tend to drown your anger in your emotions if you were born with Mars in Cancer. That anger is a flaming expression of sadness seems intuitive to you. Giving you energy and a sense of security is essential to moving forward and achieving your goals Also, your sex life. You won’t be physically satisfied unless you’re emotionally connected.

Leo Mars

A passionate achiever, if Mars was in Leo at the time of your birth. You don’t let things happen to you; you go after what you want professionally, physically, and sexually. Ariana says in “7 Rings”: “I see, I like, I want, I got.” Want to be seen and to make a mark? You want romance and luxury in bed. (See Manifesting Anything)

Virgo Mars

You are a research-oriented person with Mars in Virgo, the analytical, super communicator mutable earth sign. It feel most effective and on track when you truly help others. You enjoy goal-setting and goal-tracking. In Virgo, ruled by messenger Mercury, language and communication are intertwined. You’d prefer pragmatism to rage, but irritation comes out as harsh criticism. You’re thoughtful, smug, and equally interested in pleasing yourself and your partner.

Libra Mars

Mars in a cardinal air sign may make you passive-aggressive. Aggression or anger are not valued, which may prevent you from expressing your true feelings. You might be inspired to fight for justice and equality. You enjoy romantic, light-hearted sex. Love letters and dinner dates are more likely to turn you on than sexts.

Scorpio Mars

Scorpio’s sex planet is at ease, and you’re naturally centered around Mars’ themes. (Scorpio is Pluto.) Life is all about what you want — and what you want is power. Rather than blowing up, you’ll ice your opponent. You’d rather show your superiority calmly. Without an all-encompassing, intimate experience, you’ll lose interest and commitment.

Sagittarius Mars

Go big or go home if you were born when Mars was in Sagittarius. Experiences that require you to step outside your comfort zone excite you. When you’re angry, you want to flee rather than face a difficult situation. JUPITER’S ENERGY If you must smack someone, use the soapbox — and your blunt, unfiltered opinions. Enjoy tantric sex or aromatherapy while soaking up knowledge.

Capricorn Mars

If you were born when Mars was in Capricorn, you are slow, steady, and diligent. You’re driven, but you always try to appear cool, calm and collected. Succeed by taking small steps. For a Saturn-ruled Cap, expressing anger is often counterproductive. But you should go for it because it will happen-That loving, practical partner who enjoys power games.

Aquarius Mars

If you were born with Mars in Aquarius, you’re motivated by humanitarian, progressive, individualistic, and communal causes. Because Aquarius is ruled by eccentric Uranus, you set and pursue eccentric goals. You can enter a debate solely to disprove another’s opinion. You may be a perpetual friend-with-benefits (Platonic bonds are Aquarius’ forte) or seeking a partner who is uniquely you.

Pisces Mars

You are a Pisces born with Mars in Pisces. Your energy is empathic, intuitive, and possibly psychic. Anger is difficult to manage when you realize it stems from emotional wounds. Fighting your anger keeps it from internalizing and turning into sadness. You bring romance, magic, poetry, and pure love into the act of making love.

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