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Biz Rapper Died | A Famous Rapper Dies At 57

Biz Rapper Died

Biz Rapper Died | A Famous Rapper Dies At 57: This article gives you information about the famous rapper Biz Markie. His manager, Jenni Izenumi, told Forbes via email Friday night with his wife near him.

Izumi had no cause of death but was faced with a well-documented fight with Type 2 diabetes, which lasted for years.

Izumi swamped rumors about the death of Biz Márkie two weeks ago, but she told NBC News that he was receiving medical attention.

Biz Rapper Died | A Famous Rapper Dies At 57

biz markie

Important Quote

Biz has created an artistic legacy that his industry colleagues and his beloved fans will celebrate forever, whose lives he could touch with music for more than three-five years. He leaves behind a wife, family members, and close friends who are going to miss his dynamic personality, constant jokes, and often fuck.

Facts That Surprise Us

Diabetes Type 2 has been a problem for years for Biz Markie. His manager told ABC News in 2014, and he lost 140 pounds because of complications last year. It would make your diabetes worse if I didn’t make the changes.


The real name of Biz Markie, Marcel Theo Hall, was born on Long Island in Harlem’s New York City district. He was first known as a Beatboxer, and five studio albums have been launched, but he’s most famous for his hit Just A Friend in 1989.

The song is generally regarded as a joked, tongue-in-cheek chorus of off-key singing by Biz Markie. But it was first meant to be a sincere, serious track of his dating problems in 2019. And that he just sang on the song because he could not line up a singer.

However, fans of the song, which boosted his career, did not offend the rapper he was just pleased with it. People regard him anyway as the rap clown prince.


In 2003, his final studio album was released by Biz Markie, but he stayed in public. According to his website, he has played on both his Beatboxing skills and often at clubs. And in concerts in the last two decades, according to his website, in a Men In Black II and on the children’s s Yo Gabba show.

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