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Boxing Kicks Learn How To Perform The Four Basic Steps

Boxing Kicks

Boxing Kicks Learn How To Perform The Four Basic Steps: There is nothing more satisfying than kicking the heck out of a heavy bag, especially after a long day at the office.

According to Nicole Schultz, head trainer of EverybodyFights, “the extreme level of attention reduces the possibility to worry about things in this life that stress you out”. Schultz has also trained in Taekwondo and Muay Thai, among other things.

The ability to relax your thoughts and concentrate just on what was in front of you can be really liberating. What do you do when the object in front of you is a punching bag waiting to destroy? You would be prepared to put an end to your tension for good at some point.

But, before you can get too carried away, review the appropriate kicking form so that you may optimise your power while minimising your chance of injury in the process. Take these suggestions from Schultz into consideration, and then kick to your heart’s desire.

Lefties, take note: your boxing stance will begin with your right foot in front of your left instead of the other way around. For each kick, reverse the orientations (left foot become right, and the right foot becomes left) so that you can perform them from this posture.

Boxing Kicks Learn How To Perform The Four Basic Steps

Boxing Kicks

Kick To The Front

Begin in a boxing stance by standing with your feet wider than shoulder-width apart; with your left foot next to you and your fists protecting your face and neck, you’re ready to fight. Drive the right hip forward until the hips are square from the front.

As well as shift weight to the left foot, pulling the right knee up into the chest. Repeat on the other side. Extend the right leg as quickly as possible to strike the target with the ball of the foot. Revert to boxing stance by bringing the right leg back down.

Common mistakes:

  • Not dropping your hands during the kick (keeping your guard up).
  • Also, aintaining the attacking leg too straight or bending back too far, and letting your guard down.

Kick In The Rear

Begin by taking a boxing stance. Pinch the left foot to bring it around to face backward, then lift the right foot off the floor. Target the front of the body with the right leg and kick it straight, striking the target with both the foot’s heel. Reduce the right leg to the ground as quickly as possible and reset your posture.

Common mistakes:

  • Failing to maintain a focus on the target when kicking.
  • Leaning forward when kicking.
  • Rotating more than 180 ° while kicking are all common mistakes.

Kick To The Side 

Begin by taking a boxing stance. By stepping forward and using your right foot, you can transfer the entire weight to your right leg. as you bring up your left knee to your chest while also stacking your left hip above your right.

Using your left leg, extend it to strike the target with the heel, knee, and toes pointing to the right. Return to boxing stance by bringing the left leg to the ground and then stride back with the right foot to get back into position.

Common mistakes:

  • Common errors include leaning back further when stretching and extending the kick too quickly.
  • Remember to rotate your hips before kicking and to maintain your composure throughout.

Roundhouse Boxing Kicks

Begin by taking a boxing stance. Position yourself on your left foot, thrusting your right hip forward so that your body and hips are facing the left.

Use the right shin to strike the targets with the kicking leg’s pointed toe, extending forward with a pointed toe. Keeping the right foot on the floor, rotate to the left until you are back in the boxing stance.

Common mistakes:

  • It is important to remember to push through the hips to provide power for the rotation and allow the supportive foot to rotate.
  • Maintain your fists raised and avoid leaning too far.

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