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Cartoons Doing Drugs , What Do You Think About When You Hear That?

Cartoons Doing Drugs 3

Cartoons Doing Drugs , What Do You Think About When You Hear That?: When we were children, these characters’ drug abuse was not obvious. Even if Wimpy was clearly afflicted with a food addiction?

This guy was going bled down plates and plates of burgers in one sitting Hilarious! Has anyone noticed that Shaggy seems to be perpetually high? No. If they had filmed him smoking a cigarette, no one would have noticed.

And besides, there were corrupt real estate agents to expose! Shady real estate developers will be brought to justice! Since the start of cartoons, cartoons have featured substance abuse, and they continue to do so today.

Which cartoon characters are the best examples of someone who is intoxicated? Stay away from drugs, youngsters. That is, unless they serve as a source of lighthearted relief.

Cartoons Doing Drugs , What Do You Think About When You Hear That?

Cartoons Doing Drugs 3


Problems with learning and memory, perception distortion, thinking and reasoning difficulties, lack of motor control, increase in heart rate, and stress are all cited as side effects of marijuana use.

The fact that Shaggy was always on edge and hungry can be overlooked for a time. When it comes to Shaggy’s fear of real estate agents dressed in sheets or donning $5 Halloween masks that make him want to weep, we’ll instead offer cannabis as an excuse.

As a result: I am a stoner. Honestly, if I were confined in a vehicle with Fred and his patronizing ascot, I’d smoke as much as I could.

Wimpy | Cartoons Doing Drugs

Despite the fact that Wimpy had no employment and no money to buy food, he was nonetheless obese. What does this mean? His pals must be encouraging him to overeat. Have you seen that massive platter of juicy burgers?

Who in their right mind would spend more money at Burger King after seeing this guy? Furthermore, why does he keep making promises he can’t keep? The man was unemployed. If he didn’t have money today, how could he expect to have any on Tuesday?

I assume, however, that fast food burgers are reasonably priced. No matter what, 99 cent Thursday or not, the tray has to have 20 dollars worth of hamburgers. Just be honest, Popeye. Why are you allowing this person to continue to spiral downward into addiction?

As a result: that I’m a foodie.

Mighty Mouse

Mr. Mighty, are you telling me that when you snort your “magic powder,” you feel more confident and powerful? Interesting.

To be honest here, I’m mentioning the Ralph Bakshi rendition of Mighty Mouse. Fair.

However, he was a complete drug addict.

As a result: the person is a cocaine user.

Cartoons Doing Drugs 2

Homer Simpson

You might be wondering why Homer isn’t closer to the top than Barney. Yes, I could hear you clearly now. Please don’t think I’m in your home.

Homer is, without a doubt, a functioning alcoholic in every way. Homer may need his Duff, but unlike Barney, who will (and has) licked beer off the sidewalk, he can hold down a 9-to-5 job keeping his marriage intact. Nonetheless, There’s a lot of alcohol going on in this neighborhood.

As a result: I am an alcoholic.

The Wild Bill Cat

As the antithesis of Garfield, Bill undoubtedly used every drug under the sun. Among his roles were those of a famous actor in a major motion picture, a prominent politician, a rock star, and a dead body. The catatonic life of an addict was never far from his mind as he went through each stage of his career.

His buddies are said to have been instrumental in his recovery from drug abuse during his cinematic career, which included roles in such epics as Lord of the Monkeys and Orangestoke: The Legend of Bill.

While it is possible to say that Bill never completely gave up on narcotics after his death and subsequent resurrection, it is impossible to say the same for him during his brief spell in the cult. The pop-eyed stare, incessant smoking, and inability to speak more than grunts are just a few examples of his erratic behavior.

As a result: death is the only logical conclusion.

Gumble Barney

A few times, Barney has tried to clean up his act but the truth is that he is a heavy drinker. It has been said that this individual has drank beer from Moe’s taps and licked alcohol from the sidewalk. Because he’s only employed on occasion, he relapsed into alcoholism when he had the potential to change his life by becoming an astronaut.

As a result: I am an alcoholic.

Cartoons Doing Drugs 1

Care Bears | Cartoons Doing Drugs

Embrace the rainbow. There is just no way that these creatures weren’t on a continual acid binge. Consider it. Firstly, no one is always this cheerful or vibrant.

In addition, have you really seen such a Care Bear snooze? I won’t realize so either. Also, take a look at their tummies; they appear like giant tabs.

As a result: To watch the Care Bears, you almost have to be on acid.

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