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Celebrities With Overbites | Watch Most Of The World’s Greatest Faces

Celebrities With Overbites

Celebrities With Overbites | Watch Most Of The World’s Greatest Faces: As this list shows, fame and riches don’t always guarantee a flawless grin for Hollywood’s most famous faces.

Gaps between teeth, stretched gum lines, and overbites are all common dental issues among celebrities. According to dental specialists, some of the world’s most renowned faces have some work to do when it comes to their smiles.

Despite the fact that some celebrities with dental issues claim to appreciate their mismatched smiles (and we totally get it! ), our experts shared the procedures they’d have them undergo if they could get them in the dentist’s chair, from teeth whitening to gum reshaping.

Celebrities With Overbites | Watch Most Of The World’s Greatest Faces

Celebrities With Overbites

Cynthia Nixon

The fact that Cynthia Nixon was a founding member of the Sex & the City fab four doesn’t negate the fact that she could use to improve her grin. In the opinion of Milwaukee dentist Richard Winter, DDS, of Hampton Dental Associates, the famed redhead has a class 2, division 2 overbite.

Because of this, the teeth that line the upper and lower front teeth are protruding more than they should. In order to fix her overbite, he recommends braces.

A new problem with your teeth? According to Dr. Winters, Nixon’s smile shows a little too much of her gum tissue. If she had some gum reshaping to make her front teeth look more symmetrical, she would have a better smile.

Lindsay Lohan

If you think Lindsay Lohan is better known for her rehab stints and court appearances, you’d be wrong. She rocketed to prominence as a squeaky-clean girl in the adaptation of The Parent Trap. During a recent red carpet event, her uneven, rotting teeth were on full view.

According to Pankaj Singh, DDS, from Arch Dental Associates in New York City: “This type of damage appears to be caused by a mix of smoking and drug use as well as lack of personal care.” It’s not just smoking that’s causing Lohan’s teeth to turn a dark brown and rot. Patients who have or have used drugs may suffer from damage like this.”

Lohan’s dentist, Dr. Singh, advises that she quickly halt any bad habits that could harm her teeth. She would next require “local gingival treatment and tooth reconstruction with veneers or crowns,” according to him.

Kirsten Dunst

Kirstin Dunst has been termed “snaggle fangs” for her signature pointed teeth, although she prefers them that way. She recently told Elle UK, “They give me character, and character is sexy.”

In order to keep her six front teeth from projecting, Theodore Ritota, DDS of Ritota & Ritota in Delray Beach, Fla., recommends crowns for Dunst. According to Winter, Dunst’s overbite might be rectified with braces that straighten her teeth and level them down.

Anna Paquin

True Blood, the blockbuster HBO vampire series starring Anna Paquin, features her taking vampire bites, but the actress, who won an Oscar for her role, could use some help with her own pair of fangs.

She feels that the gap between her two front teeth “overpowers” her grin. Close the gap, and you’ll have a far more attractive smile. Dr. Winter recommends orthodontics and veneers, both of which could improve her teeth’s symmetry and make her smile more attractive, to correct her alignment issues.

Steve Buscemi

Buscemi’s off-kilter smile surely aids him in his portrayal of quirky characters. However, this does not imply that his grin is in good shape. Dr. Ritota described Buscemi’s dental health as “it looks like he has gum disease and we’d need to fix his bite.”

There are many ways to treat gum disease, including professional deep-cleaning and medication (such as chlorhexidine, doxycycline, and tetracycline), as well as surgery in extreme cases. To further correct his teeth, Ritota suggests the use of braces and crowns.

Woody Harrelson

Though Ritota feels that Woody Harrelson’s dental issues give him character, “he could definitely get away with having his front four teeth veneered, closing the space and giving him a more symmetrical grin,” despite the fact that his smile appears to fit him.

The dentist also adds that Harrelson has small teeth and could benefit from gum reshaping and crown lengthening in order to increase the width of his tooth surfaces. “By altering his gums, his teeth might become larger and more sexy.” ” Bleaching is another option that could help Harrelson’s grin appear younger by enhancing his sparkling whites.

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