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Comedone Extraction, Giving You Guidance About The Comedonal Acne

Comedone Extraction

Comedone Extraction, Giving You Guidance About The Comedonal Acne: Hey guys, today I am sharing some useful information about comedonal acne. May this information helps you.

Multiple kinds of acne exist. Comedonal acne has many small, flesh-colored bumps that make the skin look bumpy.

Comedone Extraction, Giving You Guidance About The Comedonal Acne

comedonal acne


Comedonal acne causes several small bumps near the skin surface. These bumps include the following types:


Also known as closed comedones, these shapes have been blocked because of a hair follicle.


These also known as open comedones due to the collection of surface pigments in pores that form dark points on the skin. Some people mistake dirt at these points.

Giant Comedones

This is a cyst type. A giant comedon with a blackhead opening is a large lesion.


The comedones closed are 2-3 millimetres wide.


Normally, these very small comedones cannot be seen.

Solar Comedones

These are typically caused by sun damage in older adults, mainly on the cheeks.

Risk Factors And Causes

Excess oils and dead skin cells block the oil-producing glands in the skin. The affected pores are then bumped outside, and the stumps are created.

A number of factors can help comedonal acne to develop. They contain:

  • Skin irritation from oils, dyes, and similar products contact
  • Oil production can increase excessive testosterone production.
  • Hard skin contact, such as squeezing pimples, chemical peeling, or gross exfoliation
  • Smoking people will experience comedonal acne more likely. In addition, some people may experience dietary factors like overeating milk or sugar.


Hence comedonal acne treatments require the use of medicated creams or gels to adjust skin-care habits and change diets.

A skin treatment routine that reduces comedones may include:

  • Wash your face with mild soap twice a day and tidy water to prevent irritation
  • avoid using products that contain oil that include skin or hair care, including cosmetics
  • Daily use of a prescription or over-the-counter topical drug
  • You can have to use your medicine for a minimum of eight weeks before you can tell if it is efficient.

Hence different creams and gels can help reduce oil surpluses and encourage skin cell sales. An effective drug may include:

  • Adapalene
  • Azole Acid
  • butoxide of benzoyl
  • Acid of Glycolic
  • Acid salicylic.

Hence if a comedonal acne has not answered these treatments for several months, a dermatologist prescribing topical medicines called retinoids may benefit from this consultation.

Natural Solutions

Hence natural remedies can contribute to solving acne because of their anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, or antioxidant effects.

Popular home acne remedies include:

  • Oil for the Tea Tree
  • Gel for Aloe Vera
  • honey
  • garlic

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