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Covid Misinformation | Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Suspend Twitter

Covid Misinformation

Covid Misinformation | Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Suspend Twitter: On Monday night, after sharing information about COVID-19 that contradicted the Company’s misinformation policy. Also, Twitter suspended Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Greene shared “misleading” information on coronaviruses and vaccines in a series of tweets posted on Sunday and Monday, said Twitter.

Covid Misinformation | Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Suspend Twitter

Marjorie Taylor

Mask Mandates

Greene claimed that COVID-19 was not harmful to those who were not obese or older than 65 and that it should not be necessary to use vaccines.

The Georgian Republican has already been locked from his Holocaust for 12 hours, having previously compared mask mandates.

False News Social Media Bans

A Twitter spokesman told News on Monday night that her account can be accessed by “read-only.” The far-right Congresswoman could be permanently thrown off the social media platform if she continues to spread the misinformation of COVID-19.

Furthermore, a linked warning message reads in several Greene tweets, “This tweet is wrong. Find out why health officials are recommending an additional vaccine.”

Action Taken Against Her

Therefore Company shall take action on “false or misleading information concerning the prevalence of the virus or the risk of infection or death, under the deceptive policy of Twitter COVID-19.

Greene had been banned from Twitter earlier this year for spreading conspiracy electoral fraud theories about the elections to the Georgian Senate.

Greene replied that “freedom of expression in America is under attack like never before” during the Facebook live on Monday night, adding that the Republicans “experience the canceled daily.”

Biden’s Says On This

President Biden pushed social media companies to take on more responsibility to fight vaccine misinformation in the past week, Hence the delta version is rapidly spreading throughout the United States.

On Friday, he said platforms like Facebook are “killing people” by allowing such misinformation to rapidly spread. Saying that “the only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated.”

Later this week, he clarified the comments and eased his reply.

The Bottom Line

We don’t kill people on Facebook. These 12 people give misinformation. Apparently speaking of a report which concludes that 12 people are also responsible for most of the COVID-19 misinformation.

“Whoever hears it becomes hurt by it. It’s killing people. Bad information. It is wrong information. My hope is that Facebook would do something about the misinformation rather than take it personally, so he is saying somehow that Facebook kills people. The vaccine’s unbelievable misinformation.

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