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What Are ‘Creepshots,’ And What Can We Do About Them?


What Are ‘Creepshots,’ And What Can We Do About Them?: Hey guys, today I am sharing some useful infromation about creepshots. May this information is usefyl and helps. 

What Are ‘Creepshots,’ And What Can We Do About Them?



The “creepshot” is the most recent trend in the non-consensual publishing of women.

A creepshot is a photograph taken by a man of a woman in public. It is vexing to ask questions about one’s right to privacy in public. The ethical concerns about technology are bodily correct.

What Exactly Are ‘Creepshots’?

The women’s clothed bodies are the focus of a creepshot. Images are sexually suggestive rather than explicitly sexual. They differ from other types of technology-enabled sexual violence such as revenge pornography, upskirting, and unsolicited dick pics.

On the other hand, this term may be used to be exchanged with the sexually stated practices.

The introduction of technology has taken a piece of ground. The way forward for devices such as the shoe spy camera, camera pens, and Google Glass.

These have made it easier for men who are unaware of dangerous women to photograph them. Distribute those images widely.

There are websites where men can share and compare their creepshots with other men.

What Motivates Men To Do Such Things?

There has been little research into why men engage in this practice. A recent study on men’s sexual street harassment, on the other hand, discovered that men thought it was harmless. It was also a fun activity that women enjoyed and deserved.

The study also discovered that men engage in qualities bonding activities. That is involving a sexual act of unfairly criticising a woman. Such activities allow men to demonstrate their domineering masculinity.

At the moment, we only speculate on why men might choose to take a creepshot. Perhaps it is a way for them to establish relationships with men and demonstrate their masculinity. Maybe they regard it as innocuous. They have a sexual fact that they have a right to something in women’s bodies.

Or maybe it’s just another way to restrict women’s access to public spaces.

Is It Legal To Take Creepshots?

Creepshots are not illegal in the Australian state of Victoria. Public spaces are not included in the reasonable expectation of privacy. They are also not considered sexual violence unless they involve people under the age of 18.

Not to reveal the information. Because of the nature of the creepshot, women do not have the opportunity to witness immoral acts. They may put themselves at risk of attack retaliation.

The current Legal Options Are In Limit, But They Include The Following:

Requesting or reporting the removal of the material from the websites. They show how their image is harming someone’s good reputation.

It has violated reasonable privacy expectations. It depicting a person under the age of 18 or is harassing and offensive.

Despite what some men claim, the creepshot is a dangerous weapon and not a victimless crime.

Attempts should be made to consider the role creepshots play in the action of unfairly criticising a woman. The broader issues are those of privacy, the body, and public spaces.

This claim asserts that admiration is the motivation that appears entirely gradual, as evidenced by the effort to conceal the practice.


So, here is the vital information about what are ‘Creepshots’ and what can we do about them? I’ve explained the meaning of the word creepshot in this section.

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