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Cum Facial, Trending In Beauty

Cum Facial

Cum Facial, Trending In Beauty: Hey guys, today I am sharing some useful information about the cum facial. How this semen facial helpful. May this information helps you.

Cum Facial, Trending In Beauty

Cum Facial

How This Trend Come From?

The online semen tutorial of a British beauty blogger triggered a wide range of reactions. Although most of them are positive, some people want to try this out.

This facial’s reported advantages include reducing rosacea impact, slow ageing, and a natural glow to the skin. This beauty scheme here is a lowdown.

How Did It?

The facial semen is a routine of 30 minutes at home. Rub your face with the fresh semen.

  • Allow it to be absorbed entirely by the skin for about 20 minutes.
  • Wash it with cold water by tossing your face.
  • Remove the scented wet tissue in your skin.

How Does It Work?

Semen is a fluid of your body, loaded with protein and multivitamins.

  • It helps moisturise and cool the skin.
  • It helps reduce rosacea-caused skin redness, irritation and tingling.

Experts say that the ageing process of the skin can also be slackened.

Lateral Effects Of The Face

Body fluids can transmit STIs/STDs. It may result in herpes of the eye, scarring of the eye and vision problems.

Allergy to the semen is responsible for eruptions and itching within minutes of fluid contact. Spermine, a body fluid component, results in redness.

HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) stays alive for a long time outside the body, and therefore the risk of viral disease transmission is high.

Testosterone is loaded, which may make acne worse. Therefore, those with sensitive, oily skin and susceptibility to acne should avoid this routine—a warning word n Source of a known human being’s semen.

The donor should take care at least 6 to 7 hours before the donation to avoid smoke or alcoholic consumption.

Ensure the best sexual health of the donor. Take semen from a man who drinks plenty of water and engages in physical activity.

Sperm Components

Semen is a mix of fluids from seminal vesicles, prostrates and testes and other glands, usually a white or yellowish sticky fluid about 2-5 ml by the ejaculation. Some of its essential components in the care of the skin are: n

  • Fructose, a prophylactic agent
  • Urea, May irritate your skin
  • Sperm enzyme, Can lead to rash and outbreak
  • Lactic Acid, May irritate the skin
  • Testosterone, Can worsen women’s acne

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