Home Health Death Is Inevitable, We Can’t Live Forever

Death Is Inevitable, We Can’t Live Forever

Death Is Inevitable

Death Is Inevitable, We Can’t Live Forever: How long do you want to live? We have some bad news to report. Some research created a mathematical model for cellular competition and came to one simple conclusion. Death is an insurmountable obstacle that cannot be overcome.

Death Is Inevitable, We Can’t Live Forever

Death Is Inevitable

Competition In The Cellular Arena Is A Good Thing

Weak cells in our bodies can die at any time and be replaced by stronger ones. For extra good of the organism, it is sometimes necessary to let go of individual cells.

The symptoms of ageing can be traced back to the decline in cellular health that occurs over time.

Death’s Mathematical Formula | Death Is Inevitable

The traditional view on life extension is that the body’s ability to eliminate damaged cells creates the potential for immortality through intercellular competition.

The life of the organism could theoretically be indefinite if the body could simply keep doing this.

Researchers Believe This Is The Root Of The Problem

A new set of dangers arises as a result of cellular competition. The authors call these cells “cheaters” or “defectors” for lack of a better term.

These cells are more concerned with ensuring their own survival than the survival of the entire organism as a whole.

Cells can either cooperate with each other or compete against each other.

If “cheater” cells multiply and proliferate, the result is, as you might expect, cancer.

We Still Have The Ability To Live Longer Lives

A mathematical model of human cell competition over time was used to draw the researchers’ conclusions.

Things tend for getting worse over time, and some cells grow faster than others, as Nelson noted. “There are two basic things that we know are true.

Hence that doesn’t mean the research into making humans live longer is in vain, he assured them.

We’re not saying you can’t live longer. We’re just telling that the general trend has to be down. It could be going down at a snail’s pace, but it is going down.

However, that some theories on life extension might be problematic when taken in light of their own theory. Using stem cells to regenerate or grow cells is a common practise.

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