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Dependence VS Independence, Take A Look At This

dependence vs independence

Dependence VS Independence, Take A Look At This: Whether you’re dependent or independent, you were born with these two characteristics. The politically correct view today has us believe that whatever you are is perfectly OK. However, there are many consequences to being dependent or independent.

Let’s consider two examples. These individuals are dependent on their partners. A person who depends on their partner is more likely to suffer from depression or anxiety, which are often related to lack of independence. However, these individuals can also be self-sufficient.

Dependence VS Independence, Take A Look At This

dependence vs independence


When you’re a team player, you’ve probably heard of the differences between interdependence and independence, and whether one suits you better. While you may be able to manage the work of others without a partner, there are some advantages to having a team with other people, too.

This structure allows for a degree of autonomy and also encourages communication and feedback. In the workplace, the right mix of independence and interdependence can lead to more satisfying relationships and a positive work environment.

Leaders who exhibit strong independence orientations are accustomed to working in isolation, and are often more comfortable with making decisions without input from others.

When tasks are not completed to their satisfaction, they step in to solve the problem. But they are often risk-averse, and they want to be in control. On the other hand, interdependent leaders are willing to provide feedback and empower others, and thrive in environments where there is mutual support.


Depending on how you define the two terms, co-dependence and independence can be scary and confusing. Interdependence, on the other hand, is a golden ticket in a relationship. Both partners benefit from this type of relationship, but each partner is unique in their own way.

Those in an interdependent relationship should hold each other to a high standard of personal responsibility. Both partners should feel strongly committed to the relationship.

In a codependent relationship, both individuals are physically and emotionally joined together and can’t survive on their own. When one person is down, the other is obligated to make things better.

A codependent relationship is also characterized by the feeling that you have a responsibility to solve the other’s problems and to make them happy. If you are a codependent person, you are the one who brings down your partner.


We are constantly confronted with the issue of dependency and independence. This debate recurs throughout our lives, from the time we are infants to our adulthood.

Overly dependent babies never learn to sleep on their own and adults who refuse to take help can suffer from emotional and physical isolation. However, there is an alternative to the battle of independence and dependence – one that focuses on the benefits of both.

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