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Egyptian Astrology | An Intro To Egyptian Astrology In A Brief

Egyptian Astrology

Egyptian Astrology | An Intro To Egyptian Astrology In A Brief: Astrology has weathered the test of time, despite being mocked by sceptics as a popular hashtag and meme on TikTok.

The current Western astrological language (the 12 zodiac signs) originated in Babylon some 2,400 years ago. Likewise, around 2,100 years ago, the idea captivated the Eastern Mediterranean. Egyptians soon adapted astrology by adapting their gods to Greek zodiac signs.

Egyptian astrology has 12 zodiac signs named after a deity (except for the Nile, named for the river). As a result, egyptians used astrology to learn more about themselves, their traits, difficulties, and skills.

Rather than the 12 Greek constellations, the Egyptians utilised 36 smaller constellations called “decans,”. So, which influenced the date periods ascribed to each sign.

As a result, Egyptian signs are seasonal. In other words, if you and your partner were born on June 22 and September 6. Also, you and your partner are both Egyptian zodiac signs: the Nile or Satis. (Related: Astrology Sister Signs)

Want to know more about Egyptian astrology and your birth sign? Here are the Egyptian zodiac signs.

Egyptian Astrology | An Intro To Egyptian Astrology In A Brief

Egyptian Astrology

Nile vs. Satis

December 18-26; January 1-7; June 19-28; September 1-7;

The Nile provided energy and nutrition to Egyptians. They are both creative, life-giving, passionate, deeply felt, and insightful. People born under this sign are considered instructors.

Governing planets: The moon and Uranus

Compatible with: Set, Amun-Ra



Hence, the creator goddess or mother of the world, is linked to water. Also, this sign’s natives are shy, wise, affectionate, quiet, protective, and devoted.

Governing planets: The Sun

Compatible with: Amun-Ra, Thoth

Amun Ra

Feb. 1-11 (Jan. 8-21)

Amun Ra, the king of the gods and creator god, represents empowerment through compassion. Likewise,this sign’s traits include stubbornness, intelligence, optimism, authority, and resoluteness.

Governing planets: Sun and Saturnian rulers

Compatible with: Horus, Nile/Satis


12 – 29 Feb and 20 – 31 Aug

Geb’s energy is sensitive and intellectual, like the earth god. Hence, This sign is associated with tremendous mental and spiritual activity. Also, They’re born empaths who effortlessly pick up on others’ emotions.

Governing planets: Earth

Compatible with: Set, Horus


March 1-10 and November 27-18

Individualistic, generous, and impatient, but also vulnerable. Also, since they might be too trusting of individuals who may not be acting to their greatest advantage. Their wit is also renowned.

Governing planets: Pluto and the sun

Compatible with: Isis, Thoth


Dates: 11-31 March, 18-29 October, 19-31

They are unfiltered, unrestrained speakers who love life and express their minds without restriction or inhibition. Further, They’re vibrant, witty, and always see the best in others.

Governing planets: Moon, Earth, and Uranus

Compatible with: Osiris, Thoth


1-19 April, 8-17 November

The deity of astrology, knowledge, magic, writing, as well as science is wise and diplomatic. Likewise, they are dependable, innovative, energetic, and value honesty and boldness.

Governing planets: Moon and Mercury

Compatible with: Bastet, Isis


Apr 20-May 7, AUG 12-19

People born under the sign of the sky god have a strong will. As well as, may even be stubborn. For instance they’re hardworking, brave, and family-oriented.

Governing planets: The moon and the sun

Compatible with: Bastet, Geb


May 8–27, June 29–13

The god of mummification represents introversion, confidence, and sympathy. Therefore Anubis-born people are said to be passionate and accepting of the evil side of life.

Governing planets: Mercury

Compatible with: Bastet, Isis


May 28-June 18

People born under the chaos god’s sign are said to be perfectionists who love change and learning. They’re also angry.

Governing planets: Mars

Compatible with: Satis/Geb


JULY 14-28, SEP 23-27, OCT 3

Born under the sign of the goddess of cats, perfume and fertility are wise, discerning, kind and spiritual. They’re also said to be intuitive and drawn to anything intriguing or concealed.

Governing planets: The sun and the moon

Compatible with: Horus , Sehkmet


July 29-August 11

People born under the sign of the goddess of war and healing are impatient, cheerful, optimistic, and enjoy being in charge. As well as a high standard for ourselves and others.

Governing planets: The Sun

Compatible with: Bastet, Geb

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