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Eliza Divine | Meet A Peace And Spirituality Person

Eliza Divine

Eliza Divine | Meet A Peace And Spirituality Person: If you’ve never heard of Eliza Divine, you’re not alone. The world needs her message of peace, love and spirituality more than ever.

She’s the founder of Divine Flow Yoga, one of the most popular yoga programs on the planet. Her message is clear and inspiring. She’s the perfect person to guide you on your path to peace and spiritual awakening.

Eliza Divine | Meet A Peace And Spirituality Person

Eliza Divine

Eliza Hayward

She was an English writer and publisher who wrote over 70 works over the course of her lifetime. She published fiction, poetry, drama, and periodicals. Today, her works are studied as an example of 18th century literature.

Hayward’s work is most famous for The Dunciad, which Alexander Pope disowned as “vague,” “political,” and “plagiarized.” In fact, Haywood is generally considered an obscure author who owes her fame to Alexander Pope.

Divine Flow Yoga

Elizabeth Divine’s yoga classes encourage students of all levels to find a deep connection to their body and mind, explore the power of their breath, and open their hearts. She also teaches a meditation practice based on the Neelakantha method.

Elizabeth’s classes are open to all levels, from absolute beginners to more advanced practitioners. She is an expert in helping people heal their hearts and connect with their higher selves.

Anne-Lauren’s mission is to hold space for people to reconnect with their own bodies and the world around them. Her dynamic flow classes will guide you to listen deeply to your body and to explore the vast landscape of peace and calm.

She believes that yoga is the medicine you need to heal yourself. By guiding you into alignment, steady joy, and profound wisdom, Anne-Lauren helps you to return to the natural state of balance.

Founder | Eliza Divine

Elizabeth Divine grew up in Wilmington, North Carolina, where she attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and studied history. She met James Dudley Horne in Wilmington and the two married on 13 Jan. 1892.

James was a state legislator and president of the First National Bank. His interests included the development of Wilmington and the Cape Fear River. He was a successful businessman and later founded the Wade Manufacturing Company and Horne Plantation. They had four children.

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