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Elliptical For Beginners, Some Pros And Cons Of It

Elliptical For Beginners

Elliptical For Beginners, Some Pros And Cons Of It: An elliptical is a cumbersome piece of exercise equipment that appears simple until you try to coordinate your pushing and pulling movements on it. While the elliptical machine is a common sight on gym floors and a good cardio option, it’s unlikely to be the first machine you consider for HIIT (HIIT).

Elliptical For Beginners, Some Pros And Cons Of It

Elliptical For Beginners

Elliptical HIIT Workouts Have Many Advantages

The elliptical’s low impact and lack of weight bearing are two of its major advantages. Those who are unable to run or perform a high-impact HIIT workout will benefit greatly from this.

If you need a break from running or doing burpees and squat jumps, you can use the machine instead without losing any of the cardiovascular benefits.

The elliptical is great because you can customise the resistance and incline to get the most out of your workout.

Studies from 2010 found that using an elliptical or a treadmill had the same effect on calorie burn, oxygen consumption (a measure of cardiovascular work), and heart rate.

Elliptical machines, like stationary bikes and stair steppers, do not require you to use your arms, making them better for total-body workouts.

It’s possible to increase the intensity of your elliptical HIIT workout by using the machine’s arms to move it.

This allows you to focus more on using your arms, shoulders, chest, and back to move the elliptical.

The Drawbacks Of Elliptical HIIT Exercises

Hence one disadvantage of going all out on this machine. You may find yourself in an uncomfortable position. If the machine as well as your body do not work together properly.

Hence doing a high-intensity interval training session on an elliptical misses out on the potential benefits. That forcing your muscles and joints to adapt and react to the stress placed on them.

It’s important to have impact because it puts more strain on your joints and bones all over your body.

In moderation, with good form and technique, some impact is essential for bone health.

On the elliptical, you’re moving in a single plane of motion like you would when running. Sagittal plane movements (moving from front to back) make up the majority of what we do in our daily lives and in exercises.

Exercises that work your body in multiple directions help prevent injuries and round out your strength. This is specially important if you’re trying to avoid back problems.

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