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Employee Benefits Chicago | Here Are Some Benefits That Chicago Employees

Employee Benefits Chicago

Employee Benefits Chicago | Here Are Some Benefits That Chicago Employees:  A wide range of clients will benefit from Waldhoff’s consulting expertise in creating customized employee benefit plans.

The Employee benefits Chicago Group at Alliant has added Holly Waldhoff as Vice President. Chicago-based Waldhoff will provide a wide range of strategic employee benefits solutions for a wide range of clients.

Employee Benefits Chicago | Here Are Some Benefits That Chicago Employees

Employee Are Asset

Kevin Overbey, President, Alliant Employee Benefits, says that Holly’s extensive knowledge of the benefits landscape. It will be a tremendous asset to his team in Chicago as they grow and expand. A goal-oriented professional, she has a wide range of experience working with companies of all sizes. And in a wide range of industries. Her experience may an invaluable for our clients in this area.

Waldhoff worked as a Voluntary Workplace Benefits Representative for an international insurance, employee benefits. And consulting firm prior to joining Alliant. She was in charge of a wide range of organizations, both large and small, across the country. With a focus on school districts, government agencies, labor unions, and trade associations.

Strategic Benefits

In partnership with clients and insurance providers, Waldhoff provides strategic benefits programmes. That maximizes productivity and drive value. – Waldhoff She’s been in marketing, business development, sales training, and benefits consulting for more than two decades. She’s an expert in all of these areas. She also has a lot of experience managing post-acquisition benefits programmes for large corporations.

With a background in business development, marketing, customer service, training, and sales automation conversion. Waldhoff is currently working toward becoming a Certified Employee Benefits Specialist (CEBS). There is a phone number and an email address for Holly Waldhoff.

A Little Background On Alliant Insurance Services

Insurance products and services from Alliant Insurance Services are among the most popular in the United States. For providing our clients with a full range of services based on creative thinking and individualized attention, we work through a nationwide network of specialized national platforms and regional offices. Managing risk is becoming increasingly complex, and Alliant is addressing this complexity head-on rather than by adding more layers of management. In order for taking advantages of latest opportunities for growth and protection, Alliant is reshaping the way our clients approach risk management and benefits.

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