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Eren And Mikasa | Eren Proved His Love For Mikasa In 10 Ways

eren and mikasa

Eren And Mikasa | Eren Proved His Love For Mikasa In 10 Ways: Eren and Mikasa’s relationship isn’t as simple as it should be. Despite their closeness in Attack On Titan, Eren’s feelings for Mikasa seemed to fluctuate. He was never as expressive as Mikasa. She never hid her feelings for him.

Eren, on the other hand, had moments of pure hatred for Mikasa, like when he said he hated her to push her away. It was a heartbreaking scene that aided Eren’s demise. Throughout the series, Eren showed his love for Mikasa, especially at the end.

Eren And Mikasa | Eren Proved His Love For Mikasa In 10 Ways

eren and mikasa

Eren Rescued Her And Killed Two Kidnappers

Eren loved Mikasa even before they met. Eren saved the day when he and his father found the men who kidnapped and murdered Mikasa’s family. I’m not sure why, but I’m not sure why. He never worried about his own life, only about Mikasa’s. It was the start of a series-defining relationship.

If Eren Felt Cold, He Gave Mikasa His Scarves

Eren and Mikasa’s friendship began when they were young. It was clear from the start that Eren adored her, despite their immaturity. The scarf he gave her was a big part of Mikasa’s wardrobe for most of the series. Their affection for one another was symbolized by the simple act of trying to warm Mikasa up.

When He First Revealed His Titan Form, He Saved Mikasa

It was only after Eren was eaten by a titan that his Attack Titan first burst out of its mouth and went on a rampage. He sets out to kill every titan in his path, but instead he manages to save Mikasa from certain death.

Even if it wasn’t a deliberate choice, its significance is all the greater for it. He’s felt the need to protect Mikasa from harm for much of the series, and she’s always tried to return the favour by protecting him.

Eren Transforms Into A Titan To Stop Armin & Mikasa’s Cannonball

He became nothing but a threat to the military after waking up from his titan transformation. They were more than willing to sacrifice Armin and Mikasa in order to accomplish this. To force Eren into action, they unleashed a cannonball at the trio. He sank his teeth into his hand and partially transformed into a titan, shielding his friends from the cannonballs. It was a poignant example of how much he valued having them both in his life.

He Promised To Re-wrap Mikasa’s Scarf As Needed

The battle between Reiner and Bertolt and Eren was massive. Eren had lost his powers due to injuries, so it seemed like a foregone conclusion that they’d win. Eren accidentally unleashes the powers of the Founding Titan to fend them off, but it took Mikasa to rekindle his resolve. Eren promises Mikasa she will always wrap the scarf around her neck as many times as she needs. It’s proof Mikasa was always his world’s most important person.

To Protect Mikasa From Military Repercussions, He Would Pose As The Monster

Eren acquiesced to being seen as a weapon rather than a person. He was always willing to suffer for his friends’ sake. The series’ end proves it. He went the extra mile for Mikasa. He was willing to portray himself as the monster to protect Mikasa from military repercussions. He would never let him ruin her life.

Annoyed By Her Constant Protection, He Desired To Protect Her

Mikasa always protected Eren rather than the other way around. She was stronger and better at combat than he ever could be. It irritated him that she treated him like a younger brother. On the surface, that seems childish, but he simply wanted the roles reversed. He acted with his titan powers to show that he wanted to be the one to protect her.

When His Friends Interrupted Their Moment On The Way To Marley

The trip across the sea was the perfect opportunity for them to express their feelings. As soon as their friends arrived, Mikasa said he was family to her. It stopped a possible love confession, and Eren’s disappointment showed he wanted to hear it. He couldn’t be the first to speak, needing Mikasa to express his feelings first.

Eren Telling Mikasa To Forget About Him

Eren knows he’s going to die and take the titan’s powers with him. He’s accepted it and wants Mikasa to too. He doesn’t want her to hold onto feelings for him and never be happy. He allows her to be happy by pushing her away and telling her to forget about him.

He Told Armin He Missed Mikasa During Their Farewell

Eren admitted to Armin that he wanted to be with Mikasa even though he tried to push her away. Eren’s breakdown in front of Armin exemplified his conflicted emotions. He’d followed a script for so long that he’d never had a chance to make his own choices. He’d rather be living the life where both of them could be happy in Marley than what would happen.

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