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Erica Herman Sues Tiger Woods’ Trust for $30 Million Following Breakup

Erica Herman

Erica Herman Sues Tiger Woods’ Trust for $30 Million Following Breakup: During their five-year relationship, Erica Herman claimed in court documents obtained by a News outlet that Tiger Woods locked her out of the Florida home they shared.

The recent split between Tiger Woods and his girlfriend is causing legal issues.

Erica Herman Sues Tiger Woods’ Trust for $30 Million Following Breakup

Erica Herman

Herman Arrived At The Airport To Find Her House Locked

Erica Herman, the ex-girlfriend of a professional golfer, is suing him for more than $30 million, claiming that he locked her out of their shared Florida house.

For example, in a complaint filed in October 2022 against by the Jupiter Island Irrevocable Homestead Trust which Woods controls and obtained by a News, Herman claims she was duped into leaving the island after being told to pack a suitcase for a trip. According to the lawsuit, Herman was told she was locked out of the house when she landed at the airport.

Woods’ lawyers reportedly responded to Herman’s lawsuit by denying her claims that she was illegally evicted from the house. Once the couple broke up, they “indicated that she was no longer welcome,” according to the paperwork.

Her “reaction to the breakup was to file this lawsuit,” they said.

An arbitration hearing has been requested by the defendant in Herman’s claim, according to court documents acquired by People.

Lawyers for the trust also noted that per Woods’ NDA with his ex, Herman “is compelled” to resolve any disputes she has with the sportsman through confidential arbitration. The trust’s legal team believes Herman only filed suit against the trust and not Woods personally because he wants to have the charges heard in a “public forum.

Whenever The Two Started Dating And Working Together

Herman said the NDA “is unlawful and unenforceable” in legal papers obtained by the a News earlier this week. Although the 38-year-old acknowledged that “not legally certain,” she expressed optimism that a judge and jury might reach a decision.

The plaintiff “is unsure if she may divulge, among other things, information giving rise to numerous legal claims. Also, she feels she has,” her lawyer argues in court documents submitted on March 6. She doesn’t know what else, if anything, about her life she can share, or with whom.

The Speak Out Act, which provides protection for victims of sexual assault or harassment, is cited as one reason why the NDA should be nullified in the complaint. Yet, no such charges are made against Woods, who is now 47 years old. Legal representation for Herman additionally claims the contract is invalid and unenforceable “for want of consideration and for unconscionability.”

The document indicates that the NDA were signed in August 2017, whenever the two started dating and working together. The split between Woods and Herman, who had worked as Woods’ general manager at his Florida restaurant The Woods Jupiter, occurred in October 2022.

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