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Evan Rachel Wood Manson, E.R. Wood Claims Marilyn Manson “Essentially Raped” Her While Filming 2007 Music Video

Evan Rachel Wood Manson

Evan Rachel Wood Manson, E.R. Wood Claims Marilyn Manson “Essentially Raped” Her While Filming 2007 Music Video: Ex Marilyn Manson’s former girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood has accused him of “basically raping” her while they were filming a music video together nearly a year ago.

Evan Rachel Wood Manson, E.R. Wood Claims Marilyn Manson “Essentially Raped” Her While Filming 2007 Music Video

Evan Rachel Wood Manson


Her storey about meeting him when she was 19 and he was about 38 years old on the set of “Heart-Shaped Glasses” was featured in the two-part documentary Phoenix Rising. The first of which premiered on Jan. 23 at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

Actress Thirteen claims she was “coerced into a commercial sex act under false pretences,” as reported by People magazine. She claimed, in Phoenix Rising, “When she was assaulted for the first time, that was it. A video camera was pointed at her and she was sexually assaulted.”

On January 24, Manson’s lawyer issued a statement to E! News denying her accusations. He claimed that the rocker. Whose real name is Brian Warner, “did not have sex with Evan on that set, and she knows that is the truth.

When the public learned about Wood’s relationship with Manson in 2007, he said the shoot was “nothing like he expected it to be.”

What She Says About This?

She complained, saying, “We’re doing things that weren’t pitched to her.” “It was only after the cameras started rolling that she realised what we had discussed was a sex scene that was actually happening and had no intention of doing that.

She have worked as an actress professionally her entire life, and she have never seen anything like this on a set before.”

On the set of “The Hunger Games,” Wood said she did not “feel safe.” “She had no one to look out for me,” she said, according to People.

“Filming the video was a very traumatic experience. Because she has been conditioned and trained to never speak up, she didn’t know how to advocate for herself or how to say no.”

The Westworld actress described the experience as “disgusting and shameful.” ‘she could tell that the crew is very uncomfortable and nobody knew what to do,’ she continued.


In a statement to E! News on the same day, Manson’s lawyer addressed the allegations made by the woman. When it comes to Evan Rachel Wood’s claims about Brian Warner.

“Her imaginative retelling of the ‘Heart-Shaped Glasses’ music. Around video 15 years ago is the most brazen and easiest to disprove,” his lawyer, Howard King, said. “There were multiple witnesses.”

During the three-day shoot, Wood was “fully coherent” and “heavily involved” in the pre-production, planning and editing of the video, according to his attorney.

He added, “The simulated sex scene took several hours to shoot with multiple takes using different angles and several long breaks in between camera setups.”

What Wood Said And Posted On Social Media?

Wood claimed last year that Manson “horrifically abused” her for years while she was a teenager and groomed her. Using social media, she expressed her thoughts

“As a result, she was coerced into a state of submission. The fear of retaliation, slander, or blackmail is no longer a part of my life.

Hence she here to call out the many industries that have enabled this dangerous man before he has the chance to ruin any more lives. She pledge my support to the victims who will not remain silent any longer.”

Hence manson denied her abuse allegations at the time, saying his “intimate relationships have always been entirely consensual.”

“Obviously, his art and his life has long been magnets for controversy,” he wrote on Instagram. “But these recent claims about him are horrible distortions of reality.”

Earlier this year, Los Angeles police announced. That they were looking into allegations of domestic violence against the musician.

Detectives from the Special Victims Bureau executed a search warrant at Manson’s LA home in November. Removing items such as “media storage devices.”

The Special Victims Bureau is looking into claims of domestic violence and sexual assault. That occurred in the West Hollywood neighbourhood of Los Angeles between 2009 and 2011.

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