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Food And Function | What Are The Functions Of Food

Food And Function

Food And Function | What Are The Functions Of Food: In all foods, one or more of the six nutrients find in some form. Each of these nutrients is guaranteed to consume daily when you finish an overall well-balanced diet that are including a wide variety of healthy foods.

Food And Function | What Are The Functions Of Food

Food And Function

Development And Growth

Compared to adults and the elderly who have slowed growth, babies, young children, and adolescents grow rapidly.

When you are growing and developing, your body cells must be able to do so. The building block of every cell in the body, including bone, teeth, and skin, is protein. If a person’s diet is deficient in protein, problems such as stunted growth may result.

Body tissues are built, repaired, and maintained with the help of food. Proteins, fats, and minerals are the essential nutrients for promoting healthy growth and development.

These nutrients are needed in more significant quantities by growing bodies. Every person, whether or not they are growing, is constantly replacing damaged or dead cells. The nutrients required for this process obtain from food sources.


To carry out the many tasks of daily life, we need fuel or energy. Even sleeping requires energy to do things such as think or breathe, walk or sit or speak, or even sleep.

Carbohydrates, proteins, and fats give us power. All of needs must met by eating a sufficient amount of food. A failure to do so will leave us feeling tired and listless.

Energy deficiency is comparable to a car that has run out of gas. As an alternative, if we consume more energy than our bodies require, this energy will be stored as fat in our bodies.

A body that has too much energy stored will become overweight or obese.

Cell Rerpair And Maintenance

It’s one thing to achieve good health, but it’s another to keep it. To maintain your health, you need to eat well.

To give just a few examples, your skin is frequently grazed or cut. Your hair is constantly falling out. Hence body will repair itself and stay healthy if you consume the proper nutrients.

The same is true for your health. It is less likely for someone who eats healthily and exercises regularly to catch a cold or the flu than someone who eats poorly and does not exercise regularly.

The body’s tissues and organs are kept healthy by vitamins, minerals, and protein intake. Diseases are less likely to attack healthy organs.

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