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Foot Spa Really Works, Let’s See It’s Fact Or Fiction

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Foot Spa Really Works, Let’s See It’s Fact Or Fiction: Hey guys, today I am sharing some useful information about foot detox. This article tells you it really works or not. May this information helps you.

Foot Spa Really Works, Let’s See It’s Fact Or Fiction

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What Does A Foot Detox Mean?

Foot detox is increasingly popular to remove harmful toxins from the body. Potential toxins can range from airborne impurities to home chemicals and beauty products.

Thanks to their growing popularity, ionic foot detoxes are now offered in some health and spas, in alternative medical offices, and even for domestic use.

Here is what we need to know if you’re curious about what a foot detox is and can help you.

How Should Ionic Foot Spa Work?

An ionic foot detox will work when you pull the toxins from your body. Take, for instance, the popular IonCleanse foot detox bath. The ionizer works to ionizeionize the foot water of the tub, announced as a safe and relaxing way to clear the body.

The hydrogen in water says to have a positive effect on this process. The positive charge attracts toxins in your body that are negatively charged.

The ions in the footbath water are reported to have a load that allows them for binding to heavy metals and toxins in your body, much like a magnet. It makes it possible to remove toxins from your feet’s bottom.

What Changes The Colour Of The Water?

Some advocates of foot detox claim that if water changes colour in a foot bath, it means that detox works. That doesn’t happen. The colour of the water doesn’t matter if the detox works.

For several worldly reasons, the colour of the water can change, namely the presence of water impurities. It is often the case if tap water is used.

Even because of the foot bath itself, the water changes colour. While manufacturers of foot baths say the ionization charge will remove metals and toxins from the individual’s body.

They do not explain how the charge passes through the metals in the footbath. The electricity in the product may lead to a corroding of some metal from the footbath.

Some of the discolourations in water may responsible. Most foot detoxes also use special water salts that can interact and change the colour of the water.

What Research Says?

Although there is limited research into foot detox, there is some evidence that the practice is ineffective.

In a study in 2012, researchers examined the IonCleanse pedal bath thoroughly. They found that foot detox did nothing to reduce the body’s toxin levels.

They also conclude that foot bath did not encourage the body to eliminate toxins, such as kidneys and liver, on its own.

It should be noted that most proof of this practice is anecdotal.

Who Should Take A Foot Spa Into Account?

Most people benefits from the relaxation a warm foot can provide, except those with open sores or infections on their feet. That said, a costly foot detox product is not necessary to buy.

To refresh and clean the feet, use Epsom salts, with or without foot detox product, in a foot bath.

Soaks can be an excellent way to relax or rekindle the circulation in the feet after a hard day. They can be helpful also if you have the foot of an athlete.

Risks And Alerts

Make sure that you know how to correctly utilize the machine before use if you choose to buy foot detox equipment at home.

Nausea, vomiting, or dizziness include possible side effects of foot detox. If you have diabetes you should go for doctor before you try foot detox.

Your blood sugar can be affected. You may experience burns because of prolonged hot water submergement when your feet have decreased feeling.


The use of foot detoxifiers has no research, but the process is not suspect of being harmful or unprotective. You may first want to explore your feet for a soak if you are in intrest in the advantages of foot detoxification.

Soak your feet with essential oil or Epsom salt in a warm bath can be an excellent way for your refreshment and revitalization.

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