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Foreign Language | How It Can Help In Tests Like ACT & SAT

Foreign Language

Foreign Language | How It Can Help In Tests Like ACT & SAT:  Many American secondary schools require students to learn a foreign language for one year or more. Although that may appear to be a problem, it does benefit knowing a foreign language. In fact, in other academic areas, it can lead to better performance.

Foreign Language | How It Can Help In Tests Like ACT & SAT

Foreign Language

Enhanced Vocabulary Ability

Vocabulary goes hand in hand with understanding reading – each ability supplements the other. You may determine the importance of unfamiliar words using contextual clues if you are a strong reader. Similarly, you can usually better understand text if you have a broad vocabulary.

Before the ACT or SAT, you can study a high-frequency vocabulary word to improve your readability and, where applicable, test writing skills.

Another way to enhance vocabulary is by studying common prefixes, root words and suffixes, many from Latin. Therefore, you can be more adept at deductions of the meanings of words in the ACT and SAT if you have a language in Latin or closely-related Romance languages such as French, Italian or Spanish.

Take the example below: Assume that you find the word “ambivalent in the reading passage.” You are uncertain, but the Spanish word ambos, which means both, is reminiscent of its Prefix.

Since the passage describes the mental state. You may conclude that ambivalent means that you experience two emotions not far from the true meaning: mixed or contradictory sensations.

In the understanding that the prefix “amb” or “Ambi” means both. It is also possible to understand the meaning of words that begin in the same way, such as the prefix “ambiguous.”

Enhanced Skills In Critical Reading

When students read texts in foreign language classes, they often use them to find instances or find answers to the accompanying questions. You probably won’t read a passage written in a foreign language for entertainment purposes only if you are really in love with the language you study.

Moreover, it may be pretty challenging to give you texts much of the time as they exceed your current level. This approach is aimed at promoting students’ progress on their language journey through foreign language teachers. Consequently, you can become used to reading “gist,” only to understand the main idea of the passage.

Since high school study in a foreign language usually has a specific aim and the main ideas instead of details are understood, it is very much in common with the kind of reading required of ACT and SAT students. Indeed, you can practise reading understanding in and outside of a foreign language class, as you must in the ACT and SAT.

Better Recall For Memory

Foreign language is a discipline involving a decent amount of rote memorization, at least in the early stages of study. Sometimes, for instance, by using charts and flashcards, the easiest way to learn verb conjugations. You may also have had to memorize adjective declines when you study German. There are also several content memorizations for the ACT and SAT.

Memory is like a muscle. Memory is like a muscle. The extra we use it, the more it gets stronger. From this view, we can improve your memory in learning a foreign language.

Indeed, the cognitive benefits of a foreign language study are long document. And some research shows a considerable delay in the onset of Alzheimer’s illness symptoms and dementia in speakers of more than one language.

Finding Mnemonic Devices In Foreign Language

Jogging tricks to your memory, which can be transferred to other fields of content. Rather than simply training your recall capability. Those who have studied Spanish subjunctive tense, for example, may know that acronyms such as ‘WEIRDO’ work exceptionally well for associations.

Consider applying your findings to your test preparation as a learner and experimenting with various study tricks. The benefits of foreign language study lead to several opportunities. With one of the most critical skills needed for your official examination day and the ACT and SAT training courses.

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