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Giant Trading, U.S. Trade Secrets Chinese Telecom Giant Accused

Giant Trading

Giant Trading, U.S. Trade Secrets Chinese Telecom Giant Accused: The DOJ announced federal charges against a Chinese tech company on Monday for alleged conspiracies to steal American trade secrets. They are being investigated.

Giant Trading, U.S. Trade Secrets Chinese Telecom Giant Accused

Giant Trading

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Hytera, a Chinese manufacturer of radio technologies. It has accuse of conspiring with former Motorola employees to steal “digital mobile radio” (DMR) technology from the Chicago-based company.

Hence in an unsealed 21-count indictment from the Northern District of Illinois. From 2007 to 2020, the alleged conspiracy took place.

The DOJ’s official statement stated that Motorola Solutions developed. Therefore DMR technology after years of research and design. Wireless radios, sometimes called “walkie-talkies,” were marketed and sold worldwide by Motorola Solutions.

Motorola Solutions employees were allegedly recruited and hired by [Hytera] and told to steal proprietary. And trade secret information from Motorola without authorization, according to the indictment.


Hence motorola employees are conscripte while still employ, according to the statement. Information about how to implement new technologies.

It sent to Hytera in an email allegedly obtained from the company’s internal databases. For the purposes of “accelerating the development of Hytera’s DMR products.

Training of Hytera employees and marketing and selling Hytera’s DMR products throughout the world. However, these stolen trade secrets are utilize.

According to the indictment, Hytera is accuse of conspiring to steal trade secrets. As well as of attempting to acquire stolen trade secrets. According to the DOJ, the indictment includes several other individuals. But their names have redact.

Therefore criminal fines up to three times the value of the stolen trade secrets may levy against Hytera if the company is find guilty and punish. Later, this figure will calculate.

Hytera and the former Motorola employees are being prosecute by Assistant U.S. Attorneys Melody Wells, Steven Dollear, and Vikas Didwania in the Northern District of Illinois. Nic Hunter, a trial lawyer in the National Security Division’s Counterintelligence and Export Controls Section, has also provided assistance.

Hytera Is Contact By Newsweek For Comment On This Indictment

Since its founding in 1993, Hytera has been a major player in radio technology. According to the Digital Mobile Radio Association, the company is the second-largest producer of radio terminal products. Hence in the world and a major supplier to the Ministry of Public Security in its home country.

Hytera filed an antitrust lawsuit against Motorola in 2017, claiming that the company had a monopoly on the two-way radio market. In 2019, Motorola asked the court to throw out the case because it lacks standing.

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