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Green Lantern Upcoming Series Will Alter John Stewart’s Image

Green Lantern

Green Lantern Upcoming Series Will Alter John Stewart’s Image: For his next solo book, Phillip Kennedy Johnson tells that John Stewart will present a new side of the beloved Green Lantern. The upcoming “Dawn of DC” series by John Stewart will present a new aspect of the beloved Green Lantern character.

Green Lantern Upcoming Series Will Alter John Stewart’s Image

Green Lantern

John Stewart Is Too Often Presented As A One-Note Character

Phillip Kennedy Johnson, along with Tom King, Tom Taylor, Joshua Williamson, Tini Howard, and Chip Zdarsky, sat down to talk about “Dawn of DC. A yearlong storytelling endeavor that ushers in a new era for the publisher’s biggest heroes.

Johnson mentioned that the next Green Lantern series would portray John Stewart in a different way than a number of his previous series and interpretations during the roundtable chat.

IN addition, Johnson said, “I think John Stewart gets portrayed as a little one-note a little too often. Sometimes it seems like he just spews off military jargon. This makes sense to me. You’re working on a group memoir. You need to provide snippets of dialogue to each character, such as “How can I make this feel like this person?”

You know, Superman represents optimism. Diana is calm, Batman is grumpy, and The Flash is quick with a quip. You may or may not be aware that John Stewart served in the Marine Corps. To view more of this, please.

To me, John is still the architect he was at heart, and he is still the type of person who lay down his life for a cause bigger than himself. It helped that he was a marine, but more than that, he’s the perfect Lantern, the one who was destined to be a Lantern thanks to his brilliant architect’s mind.

Also, that has been limited by the concept of three-dimensional space. His shackles have been removed. As he’s the ideal Green Lantern, I’m going for a mythological vibe with John Stewart’s backstory. My tale is about a Greek god who was transformed into a human being.

“Dawn Of DC” Introduces Two Green Lantern Series

DC Comics, on January 25, 2023, announced that Jeremy Adams and Xermánico would be writing and drawing a new Green Lantern book featuring Hal Jordan. While there was some misunderstanding caused by the publisher’s announcement. That backup stories featuring John will be written by Johnson and illustrated by Osvaldo Montos for Hal’s book. Also, Johnson has since stated that he is, in fact, working on a solo series due out later in 2023.

Also, Jumping on to dispel a mistake that arose today, Johnson posted on Twitter. “It’s true that we’ll be included a John Stewart backup story in the upcoming Hal Jordan-centric Green Lantern series. But also that’s only because it’s a PRELUDE to our John Stewart-centric series coming out later this year. Both the backups and the main series are written by me.”

John’s Green Lantern series will debut on DC Universe, but the show’s full creative team and premiere date have yet to be revealed. On May 9 of that year, 2023, Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern series will premiere.

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