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High Studios | Square Enix Intends To Acquire New Studios

High Studios

High Studios | Square Enix Intends To Acquire New Studios: With various acquisitions and the launch of new studios, Square Enix is seeking to re-establish itself as a leading video game publisher.

It’s been a busy few years for the gaming industry, with a number of high-profile studio acquisitions shaking things up. Activision Blizzard was the culmination of Microsoft’s buying spree. Also, which culminated in the acquisition of Microsoft.

Furthermore, Sony added Bungie to its studio roster. Also, Take Two secured Zynga in 2022, both of which occurred at the same time.

High Studios | Square Enix Intends To Acquire New Studios

High Studios

Intermediate Business Strategy Progress

Now, after the selling of several big-name firms, Japanese games powerhouse Square Enix is hoping to join in with this action to restore its developer roster by purchasing more studios.

Square Enix’s strategy was laid bare in the company’s most recent year-end earnings report. Which was made available to the public on May 13th.

An important part of Square’s “intermediate business strategy progress” was the company’s ambitions to achieve “medium-term profits targets.”

“Cultivating robust IP,” creating additional gaming studios, and considering acquisitions are some of the ways the business intends to strengthen its “IP ecosystem.”

Following the recent sale of Crystal Dynamics, Eidos-Montreal, & Square Enix Montreal for a combined total of $300 million to a Swedish video game business called Embracer Group, this news comes as no surprise.

Along with the game development studios, Embracer Company also purchased the intellectual property rights to a Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, Thief, & Legacy of Kain franchises.

Electronic Arts Is A Prime Example

This purchase included the acquisition of the whole game libraries and downloadable content associated with each IP.

While some may surprise that Square Enix is aiming to restructure its studio roster so soon after the Embracer acquisition. Also, it is consistent with the games giant’s desire to “reshape” its portfolio on IPs.

Acquiring studios having existing IPs that Square believes matches with their goal. As well as extending the total portfolio, is an easy approach to freshen said portfolio.

The silver lining in this case is that Square were able to sell 3 of the its top North American creators rather than shutting them down. Which is a pretty frequent strategy among gaming’s major publishers but can leave a bad taste in gamers’ mouths.

Electronic Arts is a prime example of this. Even as publisher has built a reputation for willingly shutting down high-profile studios. Also, such as Visceral Games or Pandemic Studios.

Square’s acquisition aspirations are simply one component of a bigger strategy for meeting its estimated financial targets for such current fiscal year.

Other ideas include hiring an chief publishing officer to “speed up decision-making” and enhance Square’s “publishing organization.”

It also intends to continue pushing blockchain entertainment and NFT efforts through its newly formed Blockchain Entertainment Business Division.

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