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Hit Dragonball Super, Only In The Games Can You Use These Special Moves

Hit Dragonball Super

Hit Dragonball Super, Only In The Games Can You Use These Special Moves: As a Dragon Ball character, Hit has naturally appeared in video games as a fighter, complete with techniques he doesn’t use elsewhere. Certain special techniques are unique to Hit, while others are share by other characters, including anime and manga characters.

Hit Dragonball Super, Only In The Games Can You Use These Special Moves

Hit Dragonball Super

Ultimate Time-Skip: A Flash Fist Crush Variation

While Hit has used the Time-Skip in anime and manga, some variations are exclusive to video games.

Hit’s “Ultimate Time-Skip” appears to be a variation of his Flash Fist Crush technique in video game Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission. Only Berserker Avatars can learn it by raising Hit to Camaraderie Level 4.

Kid Gohan & Kyukonman Used This Technique Too

This is a variation of Rapid Movement from Xenoverse 2’s Evasive Skill. Other fighters, like Kyukonman, have it as an Evasive Skill.

It was also Kid Gohan’s Evasive Skill in the previous Xenoverse game. It is used to avoid an enemy attack and compare to Phantom Fist, Dark Eyes, and Afterimage Technique.

A Fighter Moves Around Using Afterimages

Awoken Hit’s skill set can be updated in Xenoverse 2 via Partner Customization to include the Afterimage technique. The Super Afterimage is a more advance variation.

This technique is allowing the user to move around with afterimages, even sneaking up behind their target. However, this is a technique that can used by many fighters.

The Target Fights An Afterimage

Phantom Fist is a variation of Afterimage technique that Hit can learn in Xenoverse 2. It use by fighters from Mira to Yamcha, not just Hit.

Purple energy surrounds a fighter’s body, allowing an opponent to fight an afterimage while the real fighter appears elsewhere.

In the anime, Hit tries this technique through the Tides of Time, but Jiren sees through it quickly.

Ki Charges Faster Than Full Power Charge

In the Xenoverse and Fusions series, Hit has a weaker version of Full Power Charge call Energy Charge. A stronger version call Maximum Charge exists.

It charges Ki quicker than Full Power Charge. Aside from the Ultimate Charge, there are two other Energy Charge variations: Burst Charge and Ultimate Charge.

An Athlete Launches Ki Against A Target’s Face

Awoken Hit’s custom skillset can now include Super God Fist thanks to an update to Xenoverse 2’s Partner Customization.

With this technique, a fighter charges up Ki and launches it at their target’s face, resulting in a devastating blow. However, despite Goku’s use of this attack, Hit appears to confine to the video game version of this technique.

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