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How Is Public Opinion Measured, Defination And Examples

How Is Public Opinion Measured

How Is Public Opinion Measured, Defination And Examples: Public opinion is the sum total of the beliefs. And attitudes of a significant portion of the general population. Hence on a given topic or issue. In 1961, V.O. Key. Defined public opinion as “those opinions held by private individuals that governments find it prudent to pay attention to.”

How Is Public Opinion Measured, Defination And Examples

How Is Public Opinion Measured

History | How Is Public Opinion Measured

Ancient history is rife with examples of public opinion. Despite the fact that the term wasn’t coined until the 18th century. Ancient Babylonian and Assyrian histories.

For example, mention the influence of popular attitudes. Ancient Israelite and Samaritan prophets and patriarchs were well-known influencers.

Aristotle, one of most influential philosophers of all time, state that “he who loses the support of the people is a king no longer.

Participation In The Political Process

Citizens are require to form opinions on a wide range of issues as part of the most basic democratic processes. In general, public opinion form on virtually any issue.

That calls for the decision-making of government policymakers at the executive or legislative levels. Outside forces such as biassed media, grass-roots movements.

Or government agencies or officials are frequently use to bolster public support for a political cause. Legislators’ most difficult task, is “conciliating public opinion.

In correcting it when erroneous. and in giving it that bent which shall be most favourable to produce obedience to his mandates,” he wrote.

Influential Factors

It is impossible to predict how public opinion will change on a given topic because of the wide range of internal and external influences.

That shape each person’s opinion. While certain events and circumstances, such as wars or economic depressions. It can easily explain public opinion, other influences on public opinion are more difficult to identify.

Affective Context

Hence it is consider most influential factor in determining public opinion is the person’s social environment, family, friends, workplace, church, or school.

People tend to adopt the dominant attitudes and opinions of the social groups to which they belong, as evidence by scientific research on the subject.


For the most part, media outlets such as newspapers and broadcast media. Hence as well as online news sites and social media tend to reinforce established public views and opinions.

It’s no secret that the news media in the United States has become increasingly partisan. So they tend to focus their coverage on personalities and issues. That appeal to conservative or liberal segments of the population.

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