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How To Apply Eye Cream, Here Are Steps

How To Apply Eye Cream

How To Apply Eye Cream, Here Are Steps: Although eye cream may sound like a hassle or like something only “older” people use, the truth is that anyone who get benefit from using an eye cream, regardless of age or gender.

How To Apply Eye Cream, Here Are Steps

How To Apply Eye Cream

Decide What You Want Apply

Eye cream selection should be based on your particular skin concerns, as opposed to general skin concerns.

Afraid of wrinkles and the appearance of fine lines and crow’s feet? Retinol and/or peptides, two well-proven wrinkle-fighters, should be included in any formula you choose.

Do you have to deal with under-eye circles? Look for ingredients that brighten the skin, such as niacinamide and caffeine, to help with circulation and slow blood flow, which can exacerbate the appearance of dark circles.

Use Soap And Water To Clean Your Hands

Because applying eye cream with your fingers is the most effective method, always wash your hands (properly) before you begin.

A germy environment around your eyes is the last thing you need.

Also, make sure your skin is freshly washed. This will help the eye cream’s active ingredients penetrate more easily and won’t be impeded by other products, dirt, or oil as they try to do their job.

Make Sure You’re Using The Correct Dosage

In general, a pump or a half-pump of eye cream per eye should be sufficient. Always read and follow the product’s instructions before using.

Use half a pea-sized amount of eye cream per eye when it comes in a jar, says. Eye creams are much more hydrating than other skin-care products.

The delicate skin around eyes needs more moisture. It might not seem like enough, but keep in mind that eye creams are usually very concentrated.

Use An Eye Cream Correctly When You’re Done

Use the cream as a paintbrush by squirting or dabbing it on the back of your hand.

Dr. Mariwalla recommends dipping your finger into the cream and making a semi-circle of dots along the orbital bone that surrounds your eye, starting just below the inner part of your brow and moving sideways and upward.

Once the eye cream is on, gently press it into the skin with your fingertips.


Do not rub the product in as this may irritate the delicate eye area, further aggravating the problem.

Overly aggressive rubbing may cause broken blood vessels, increasing the appearance of brown spots and making puffiness worse.

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