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How To Leave Your Old Life Behind

How To Leave Your Old Life Behind

How To Leave Your Old Life Behind: At some point, I realised that I had become too complacent and comfortable with my current situation.

How To Leave Your Old Life Behind

How To Leave Your Old Life Behind


Some Inner Feelings Emotions

Even though I should have been ecstatic, I was depressed and uninspired because I felt trapped and unmotivated. I suddenly realised that I needed a new direction in my life.

It was strangely solitary at the same time. Ever woken up next to someone who didn’t give a damn about you?

Some of our guests spent more time in our home than I did, and I can say that with certainty. However, I wasn’t content. People who didn’t know me but had access to almost all of my personal information were engulfing me.

I was overwhelmed by the creative energy of everyone else. There were stories to tell, and I couldn’t help but feel like an underwhelming ripple in the water. Complacent. The riptide carried me away from my goals and aspirations as I became lost in the void.

As strange as it may sound, I feel more awake and alive now that I’ve gotten rid of all of my possessions. For the most part, since beginning my new life, I haven’t felt lonely at all.

A Change Of Character

Forced identity reconstruction is an exhilarating experience. Your surroundings conceal a great deal about your character.

Rather than shielding myself from the world, I allowed myself to be exposed and vulnerable to the world around me. I realised how wrong everything had been for me when I started a new life.

I’m taking responsibility for a lot of things I’d previously brushed under the rug. Take, for instance, my own anxiety disorder.

I was able to forget about my own problems because I was surrounded by other people and their stories. A crippled, shell-like person, I had allowed myself to become while lending my support to everyone else’s plight.

You Become Who You Are When You Are Left With Nothing.

For me, it was a case of starting over. Despite the fact that my path wasn’t necessarily wrong, it wasn’t leading me to the destination I had envisioned for myself. And that’s what your twenties are for, in the end.

If you need to start over or scrap something, you have the next decade to do so.

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