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Joe Morrissey, The Scandal-Plagued State Sen

Joe Morrissey

Joe Morrissey, The Scandal-Plagued State Sen: Outgoing Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell has pardoned a state senator who was imprisoned for his role in a sex scandal involving a 17-year-old receptionist at his law practise.

Joe Morrissey, The Scandal-Plagued State Sen

Joe Morrissey

Incident And Statements

After a sex scandal involving his wife’s 17-year-old receptionist. Virginia’s outgoing governor pardoned a state senator who had been imprisoned.

Gov. Ralph Northam, a fellow Democrat, granted Sen. Joe Morrissey’s request for a pardon on Thursday.

Morrissey said Friday that he was “very grateful” to the governor.

“Morrissey continued, “When you show compassion to other people and mercy. It’s not a sign of weakness. But usually just the opposite—strength,” he said.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch first broke the news of Morrissey’s pardon. On Saturday, Northam will step down from his position as governor.

More than 1,200 Virginians received pardons from him in the last four years. According to a statement he issued. Including the exoneration of eight people who were wrongfully convicted.

In a statement, Northam said, “Virginians are forgiving people who believe in second chances.”

As long as people pay their debts and admit their mistakes, they deserve a second chance at life.”

After being barred from politics twice and going by the moniker “Fighting Joe,”. The 64-year-old Morrissey now has another chance at redemption with the pardon.


Morrissey is in the House of Delegates nearly eight years ago when the scandal began. After being convict of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. His receptionist at his law firm, he resigned his seat.

A month later, in a special election, Morrissey is re-elect as an independent. For the next two months, he worked in the General Assembly every day of the week.

In any case, as part of a work-release sentence stemming from the conviction, he was required to spend the nights in jail.

In March of that year, Morrissey resigned from the House of Delegates to run for the Virginia State Senate. But he was unable to get on the primary ballot for the Democratic Party.

His campaign for mayor of Richmond was on track. Until a female legal client accused him of sending her lewd. Text messages and making unwanted sexual advances.

He defeated Democrat Rosalyn Dance and went on to defeat her rival, Republican Joe Morrissey.

It is not long before the state senator was a prolific sponsor of criminal justice reform legislation. Many of them aimed at reducing disparities in treatment for minorities, groups that he has long supported.

Asked about the pardon, Morrissey says he and his wife are both “delighted.”

As Morrissey put it, “The people who are even more pleased are our four young children, who will understand it in the upcoming years and decades.”

As soon as the pardon is grant, Morrissey’s attorneys plan to start the process of getting his law licence back.

Morrissey described it as “beyond symbolic” in his statement. There is a clear message about what the Commonwealth did to us in this case.

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