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Kanye West Pete | Pete Davidson Made Fun Of His Kanye Drama On Netflix

Kanye West Pete

Kanye West Pete | Pete Davidson Made Fun Of His Kanye Drama On Netflix: Pete Davidson is speaking out about the controversy. For first time in four years, the Sat Night Live star performed before a sold-out crowd just at Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles on the first night of Netflix Is Indeed a Joke: The Festival.

Kanye West Pete | Pete Davidson Made Fun Of His Kanye Drama On Netflix

Kanye West Pete

Davidson Was Infected With The AIDS Virus?

A allusion to Kim Kardashian’s ex, Kanye “Ye” West, was quickly make the comic. Davidson began his performance by discussing the 44-year-old rapper’s claim that Davidson was infected with the AIDS virus. To which West responded by calling him “a genius,” he joked.

And like Robert Williams’ character in the 1993 film Mrs. Doubtfire, the 28-year-old comic joked that West would try to win back his family by disguising up as their nanny.

“Is there anyone else who secretly hopes Kanye pulls a Mrs. Doubtfire and saves the world from itself? After a few days of not hearing anything from my family, they say, “This is the new housekeeper,” to which I respond, “What’s up, fam?”” Davidson had a breakdown.

His buddies, Davidson confessed, were clueless as to what to tell him during his battle with Kanye West, which was a “very odd experience.”

In Real Life, West Has Insulted Davidson | Kanye West Pete

None of the participants were like, ‘O.K.'” Davidson said. “‘Oh, yes, you’re staying with your mother?’ Yes, I am in a safe place.'”

Davidson inform the crowd that he wasn’t bother by his friend Jack Harlow working on a tune with Kanye West as they’re both rapper and it’s “what they do.”

“This would hurt my heart if I saw Bill Burr at [Kanye’s] Sunday worship,” Davidson jokingly said.

By mimicking Staten Island co-star & fellow comic Burr, Davidson made a lighthearted remark “‘Find God, Petey,’ he’d say. What are you doing here?'”

Also, Davidson claimed that after West’s ranting about him, he has no idea how the people will react to him. “A great many people really upset with me,” he say.

“It’s always a 50/50 shot, for sure. My compliments to you are sincerely appreciated. It might also be that someone says, ‘Yo, f**k you.’ I mean, you, too.’ It never occurs to me that it may be me.”

As fans are aware, Davidson has the target of insult from West in real life, especially on his new music video for “Eazy.”

“Kanye Has Kept A Low Profile, Focusing On His Health”

During his show, the comic also mentioned going to a basketball game with Chris Rock and Jon Stewart in December 2021, referring to it as “before time.”

“Before life was already over,” he remarked, stressing that terrible things happened to him and Rock afterwards. That was the now-famous smack with Will Smith just at 2022 Oscars for his fellow comic.

It was having his head hacked off with one of West’s music videos for Davidson. Given that he hasn’t featured in the last two SNL episodes, the comedian’s stage return also is his most recent comedic act.

Nonetheless, his acting record is expanding with roles in upcoming films such as Bodies Bodies Bodies, Good Mourning, and Meet Cute, which also stars Kaley Cuoco.

Meanwhile, ET has learnt that West has keeping herself occupied. “Kanye has been keeping a quiet profile and focused on his health. Also, he is attempting to distance himself from all of the turmoil that has occurred between him and Kim “According to a source.

“He is concentrating on having to take care of himself, getting a lot better, and getting away from all the craziness. He adores his family and children. They are his top priority, and he is improving himself.”

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