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Kenny Porter, A Solid Bond Between Shawn And Kenny Porter

Kenny Porter

Kenny Porter, A Solid Bond Between Shawn And Kenny Porter: To understand Kenny and Shawn Porter’s strong father-son bond, you must go back over 40 years to when Kenny was 4 and his brother was 3 and crossing the street in their rough Cleveland neighbourhood.

Kenny Porter, A Solid Bond Between Shawn And Kenny Porter

Kenny Porter

Background | Kenny Porter

They were looking for their mother, who worked at a “bad house” with lots of drinking, partying, and gambling. Kenny says she was just trying to make ends meet for her kids.

She left them alone that night. When his brother cried for their mother, Kenny gave him a baby bottle. As their mother always did. Then they set out to find her.

His brother turned around to cross a busy street and was killed by a drunk driver who never stopped.

Story From Kenny Words

“It was one of the first things that happened to me,” Kenny tells  “The areas I lived in were rife with drugs and alcohol.

“So I abstained. I never smoked or drank. I just told myself I would never do that because it was all I saw growing up.” He later saw his mother’s boyfriend killed.

Kenny Porter took up sports to stay out of trouble. “And boxing became part of it,” he adds. “I failed to make the basketball team, so I got into boxing.”

So when he had his own kids, he made sure they wouldn’t have to grow up like him.

He says he wanted Shawn to have a better life. “So with my son Kenny. I basically took the role as I saw it and saw them as brothers.

I felt obligated to protect them from those situations and problems. So we moved them away from bad neighbourhoods and bad cities when they were young.”

Kenny began Shawn boxing at the age of 4 in Stow, Ohio. Shawn went on to play high school football and possibly college football.

“I always wanted to play football,” Shawn said. “But my senior year didn’t go as planned, which made me want to go pro in boxing.”

Father And Son Bond

Kenny told his son they’d agreed. “‘Oh, who did we sign with?’ ‘We signed with us.’ It’s just me and you’. ‘OK, let’s do it.’ I told him to work hard.

I know you have talent, speed, and strength, but I need you to work hard. And hear. And he agreed to do so. I wanted him to be the ultimate professional athlete, transcending all sports. So far, I think he’s doing well.”

In boxing, father-son relationships often fail because either the father isn’t a good enough teacher. Either the son feels he no longer needs to listen. Shawn says the Porters have never done that.

His father and he share a special bond, he says. “Besides winning and succeeding in boxing. I want to show other fathers, sons, and family members (uncles, nephews, etc.) that it is possible. You just need to understand and respect each other.”

Kenny trained Shawn full-time and made him a world champion. Shawn. An alternate on 2008 U.S. Olympic team in Beijing, beat Devon Alexander by unanimous decision in 2013.

A Decision

Shawn, nicknamed “Showtime,” fought unbeaten Kell Brook of England in August after a brutal beating of Paulie Malignaggi in his first defence. He lost his first fight, a close majority decision.

A bitter pill at first. “I don’t know how long it took me to turn it around. I recovered well from that “he adds “. We started training again as usual. I don’t think about it except to fight him again. That’s a fight I’d like to relive.”

Shawn Porter as well as Adrien Broner. They’ve been training at Mayweather’s gym in Las Vegas.

Shawn will fight Adrien Broner on Saturday in Las Vegas, where he lives and trains with his father. “It’s not a title fight, but it’s title-worthy,” Shawn says. “Our records alone speak volumes for this fight, which is why it’s 12 rounds.”

Porter, 27, has 16 KOs and Broner, 30, is also from Cincinnati (22 KOs). They will fight at 144 pound catch weight.

Porter And Broner Have Opposing Personalities

“I am a quiet person who can be outgoing,” Shawn says. “I enjoy having fun when it is appropriate. When no cameras or lights are present, when just my friends and family are present, bowling or going to the movies.

“(Broner) proudly displays his personality on his chest and shoulders. I know he’s sometimes a nutcase.” Broner’s father is very involved in his career.

“I’ll give my dad a great Father’s Day present if I win Saturday night,” Broner said this week. “Porter will never beat me.”

Shawn Thinks The Same Way.

“”I know beating Broner will make my dad happy, but seeing me the next day will make my dad sparkle,” Shawn says. He’ll shine on Sunday, one of many days he’ll remember for the rest of his life.”

Beating Broner would be a nice Father’s Day gift for Kenny, but he says, “He still lives at home. As well as if I can have all my kids with me on Father’s Day, we won’t do anything special.

“Watching Shawn succeed that night will make me smile the next morning. But I’m already proud of Shawn. He’s not boxing for necessity, but for pleasure.

Shawn has the potential to go to college, to lead people, to enter politics. For a successful in anything. He setting his mind to. He boxes because he wants to.

“But he still has options.”

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