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Kid Friendly Alien Movies, Discover The World With Your Child

Kid Friendly Alien Movies

Kid Friendly Alien Movies, Discover The World With Your Child: Humanity has long been fascinated by the stars. From the invention of the telescope to the contemporary trend of space settings in major Hollywood blockbusters. Also, the ultimate frontier contains many secrets for both kids and adults.

While not all movies set in space, such “Gravity” or “Alien,” are suitable for children, the following list includes those that are. Explore the list and take your kids on amazing space adventures in these terrific films and videos.

Kid Friendly Alien Movies, Discover The World With Your Child

Kid Friendly Alien Movies

The “IMAX Space Collection” (2001)

It’s never been so near to outer space. For the whole family to learn about the mysteries of the universe, this series of IMAX space documentaries features stunning images and video from our galaxy, as well as engaging narration.

Featuring “Hail Columbia,” “The Dream is Alive,” “Destiny in Space,” “Mission to MIR,” and “Blue Planet,” this series’ style may not retain the attention of younger people, but youngsters and adults alike will enjoy viewing some of the most magnificent visuals known to mankind. It’s a treasure trove of information about space stations, planets, the NASA space programme, and so much more in these movies.

“Fly Me To The Moon” (2009)

In this 2009 animated film, Nat, IQ, and Scooter, three young houseflies, become part of history when they board the historic Apollo 11 spacecraft.

The narrative is both enjoyable and educative for children. Buzz Aldrin narrates his own character in the film, which focuses on the first time humans set foot on the lunar surface. As a result, youngsters who don’t want to wear 3D glasses can still enjoy watching the film on the DVD.

“Space Chimps” (2008)

The Space Agency sends Ham III and two other chimps on a life-or-death expedition with his great-grandfather Ham, the first chimpanzee to venture into outer space. After discovering a new planet, the three astronauts find themselves tasked with saving its fascinating population from an all-powerful dictator.

Animated tales about chimps in space programmes aren’t the same as the actual thing, and this one pays homage the real Ham, the first chimpanzee in space. A group of three chimpanzees set out to discover a new world and find a way to help those who live there.

“Mars Needs Moms” (2011)

“Mars Needs Moms,” loosely based on the picture book by Berkeley Breathed, depicts the storey of Milo, a boy who gets onboard a Martian spaceship to save his kidnapped mother. Milo has a buddy on Mars in Gribble, a human whose mother was abducted when he was a boy. The two collaborate to try to save Milo’s mother before it’s too late.

“Mars Needs Moms” is animated with performance capture, and the Blu-ray includes some fascinating behind-the-scenes content. A word of caution: due to the storey element of the mother being kidnapped. This may not be appropriate for youngsters under the age of seven. Some younger children may not be concerned by this. But for many of them, the possibility of their mother being kidnapped and possibly incinerated is not a pleasant one!

“Space Buddies”

Space Buddies” brings back the golden retriever theme from the 1990s, because certain series don’t deserve to die. This time, though, there are more than one of each type!

Buddies, a group of adorably cute canines who accompany their owners to the space centre on a school field trip, start on an adventure that they didn’t expect. While pretending to be astronauts, the puppies board a brand-new rocket plane. To get to the moon, the Buddies board a ship headed into deep space.

This film, with its fuzzy narrative of intergalactic adventure, is recommended for children ages 4 and up.

“Zathura” (2005)

Walton has little interest in Danny when their father, represented by Kristen Stewart in “Twilight,” abandons them to the care of their elder sister Lisa. The basement of Danny’s father’s house is where he finds “Zathura,” an antique metal game. Danny begins the game on his own, but it doesn’t take long for the brothers to realise that the game isn’t messing around.

“Jumanji” used the concept of Zathura. But this time it takes place in outer space, which adds an element of intrigue. This flick has a lot of action and adventure. It’s great for kids ages 7 and up, especially boys!

“Star Wars: The Clone Wars”  (2008)

As compared to other films in the franchise. Also, this animate tale from the most famous space saga ever is aim primarily towards children. Even yet, the brutality and themes in “Star Wars: Clone Wars” are similar to those in the live-action film. But the animation distorts the realism of the situations.

After the events of “Episode II,” the film picks up and fills in some of the gaps from the Clone Wars. Fans of the “Star Wars” storey will delight to watch more of the events unfold. Although this film is best suited to children ages 8 and up owing to the depictions of graphic violence.

“Wall-E” (2008)

A trash-compacting robot is left on Earth after humans have abandoned the garbage-filled planet in Disney’s mega film “Wall-E.” No matter what you think of WALL-E. The robot is feeling increasingly lonely on his deserted world.

One of a kind, smart and uplifting story is told in the film’s plot. Because the whole human population is housed on a gigantic spaceship in the film, it takes place in outer space. In one scenario, WALL-E even takes a funny float into space!

Laughter, tears, and a glimmer of hope are all present in this heartwarming tale. Taking good care of our most precious resource, the environment, is an important message that everyone should take to heart.

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