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Kristen Doute : Raquel Lewis’ Alleged Affair With Tom Sandoval Discovered

Kristen Doute

Kristen Doute : Raquel Lewis’ Alleged Affair With Tom Sandoval Discovered: During a recent episode of Vanderpump Rules, Kristen Doute, a former cast member and Tom Sandoval’s ex-girlfriend. Revealed explosive new information about how Ariana Madix learned of Tom’s alleged romance with co-star Raquel Leviss. What happened to Ariana Madix and why Kristen Doute is telling her story.

Kristen Doute : Raquel Lewis’ Alleged Affair With Tom Sandoval Discovered

Kristen Doute

Ariana Admits To Checking Tom’s Phone

The former cast member of Vanderpump Rules has revealed startling new information about the circumstances surrounding Ariana’s recent breakup with Tom Sandoval, including allegations that he had a relationship with their co-star Raquel Leviss.

“I was really with Ariana & Tom that night, we are seeing his band play at TomTom,” Kristen recounted on the Mar 8 episode of her Sex, Love, as well as what Else Matters podcast. “He’s finished his set, and we’ve all gotten up to have a drink and a little chitchat. Ariana has been gone for a while now; I can tell because she left her coat and handbag behind.”

Kristen, who had been dating the co-owner of the Schwartz & Sandy, was unable to locate Ariana at the concert, but she eventually found out from a mutual friend why Ariana had left unexpectedly.

She went on to explain that as Tom was performing, his phone dropped out of his pocket, and a mutual acquaintance picked it up and gave it to Ariana. “The truth is that Ariana was in possession of his phone and confessed to checking it out on a whim.”

Tom And Raquel Have Publicly Apologized To Ariana

Kristen admitted that “she just felt like she had to look” even though Tom and Ariana are a “trusting relationship” in general.

Kristen and also the rest of the VPR cast have stood with Ariana when the incident emerged last week. Upon being asked how she was doing following the breakup, Kristen said, “She’s in bad shape. Despite her sadness, she is numb.”

Kristen said that Ariana has informed her friends that she doesn’t want to hear any more Scandoval news because “it’s only going to make me feel worse.”

Like Lisa Vanderpump said on the March 8 edition of Watch What Happens Live, Kristen confirms that Ariana is “devastated” by the news.

Following their rumored months-long affair, Tom and Raquel have publicly apologized to Ariana. Raquel apparently sent the cast legal letters requesting that they not distribute the NSFW photo of her and Tom. Ariana has been silent about the breakup and the cheating allegations.

Vanderpump Rules is broadcast on Bravo every Wednesday night at 9 p.m. Please scroll down to view a detailed timeline of events surrounding the Tom, Ariana, and Raquel scandal.

2013 Summer

Season 2 of Vanderpump Rules saw the addition of Ariana Madix to the group after Tom Sandoval’s tumultuous breakup with co-star Kristen Doute. Kristen said at the time that Tom and Ariana slept together while she was still with him. I’m smarter than you,” Ariana famously retorted. “My beauty surpasses yours. Quit stressing about it already.”

After first denying the charges, Tom revealed that he and Ariana had made out in a Las Vegas hotel pool.

February, 2014

Tom and Ariana’s relationship was revealed during the second season reunion. “We’ve been hanging around,” Tom confirmed. And everything has been fantastic. The show aired the same night that the SUR bartenders make their relationship Instagram official.

February, 2015

In Season 3, Kristen revealed that a lady had messaged her on Instagram, saying she and Tom had slept together in Miami when he was with Jax Taylor & Tom Schwartz. Even when Kristen took the lady to SUR to confront Tom & Ariana, the couple didn’t take the charges seriously, with Tom maintaining he cheated on Ariana.

November 2016

Raquel Leviss, a beauty pageant contestant and a student, made her VPR début in the season five premiere after meet DJ James Kennedy at the a New Year’s Eve party.

Despite numerous ladies at SUR claiming to have hooked up with James when he was dating Raquel, two years later the couple decided to move in together. James, at the time, said that they were untrue. When Raquel started working as a waitress at SUR, she was quickly cast as a series regular on Vanderpump Rules.

May 2021

James popped the question to Raquel with a Coachella-themed propose, which again was filmed by Bravo and aired that October.

On Friday night, James proposed to Raquel at the historic Empire Polo Grounds in RACHELLA, as Raquel shared on Instagram. “It was a yes from me. Sorry, but the excitement of Coachella has worn off.” The news was shared on social media by James, who simply wrote, “THE LOVE OF MY LIFE, answered yes.”

Tom Sandoval’s contribution to the expensive proposal was exposed on a subsequent edition of VPR. He went on to say, “James and I divided the $25,000, since nothing gives me more delight than to help a friend realize a dream that they have.”

December 2021

Only one week after recording the season nine reunion, James and Raquel cancelled their engagement after five years together.

“After 5 beautiful years together, we realized we had different goals and decided to call off of the engagement,” a former couple stated in a joint statement posted to their respective Instagram accounts. “We love each other to pieces, but we’re no longer romantically involved. We only wish the best for one another, so please keep your thoughts positive.”

Later, Raquel explained why she decided to quit their relationship. During the Jan. 7 episode of a Scheananigans with Scheana Shay podcast, she revealed, “My family and his had reached a point where they did not get along well.”

She stated that the future of Thanksgivings, Christmases, and other holidays appeared to involve either James or her family. “Especially if we had a child. I thought to myself, “I don’t want that,” as I foresaw this future as well as what it was all leading to.”

James got Instagram official in March 2022 with his new girlfriend Ally Lewber, who is now featured on the show.

April 2022

Tom Schwartz was reportedly caught kissing Raquel at Coachella one month after Katie Maloney & Tom Schwartz announced their breakup after 12 years together.

Yet, the co-owner of Schwartz & Sandy’s was quick to correct the record. “I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I was not at Coachella,” he posted at the time.

Raquel actually attended the music festival and uploaded images with Tom Sandoval & Ariana on Instagram. She captioned a selfie taken with Sandoval, “I’m on an island”

August 2022

Even though Scheana Shay’s wedding to Brock Davies in Cancun, Mexico was the main event, reports of a makeout sessions between Schwartz & Raquel at the ceremony dominated the news. After the wedding, Schwartz’s friendship with Raquel became more of a “flirtationship,” as evidenced by footage from the season 10 trailer.

In October, Schwartz told a news’ Erin Lim Rhodes, “We have a connection.” “Yeah, Raquel and I have become much closer. I have a great deal of respect for her. I’ve become acquainted with her, and I’ve seen all these parts of her personality that I had no idea existed… I did not understand how hilarious and smart Raquel is.”

October 20, 2022

Raquel’s choice of wearing a TomTom sweatshirts to BravoCon on October 17 raised eyebrows amid her ongoing feud with Katie over her relationship with Schwartz.

“I just came here to mention that the primary reason I wore the TomTom sweatshirt since Day 3 of BravoCon was to experience cozy feelings,” Raquel wrote on Instagram later. “Also I wore it to show my support for BOTH Toms and to urge folks to swing by their booth to see the rest of the lovely gear. I like both helping my friends and also being comfortable.” She also tagged “sue me” & “number one Tom Stan.”

Sandoval then dressed up as Raquel for Halloween at BravoCon, complete with sweatshirt, blonde wig, and sunglasses. He posted a photo of himself in a costume on Instagram with the message, “Raquel has got to stop turning up to Meetings it’s embarrassing.”

January 20, 2023

Ariana addressed the rumors that she and Tom had a “open relationship,” which were hinted at in the season 10 trailer.

“We don’t have a friendly relationship. I’m not actually that cool. “Thought that was apparent,” she tweeted that after preview was released, adding that she is “bisexual polyamorous.”

The sneak look also addressed Raquel’s relationship with Tom Schwartz, with Raquel confessing, “I really like Schwartz a much.” Raquel’s fling the With Real Housewives of Beverly Hills actress Garcelle Beauvais’ child Oliver Saunders, as well as dates with recurrent cast member Peter Madrigal, are also shown in the trailer.

March 2023

On March 3, it was announced that Tom Sandoval & Ariana had broken after nine years together. also with a source telling a news outlet that cameras are rolling on the cast at the exact same time. As well as, implying that the drama would likely play on the Bravo series’ recently aired 10th season.

Ariana apparently found out Tom and Raquel had already been having an affair over several months. Also Scheana, Katie, and Kristen were all pictured heading over there to Ariana’s house to comfort her. Kristen, who came with flowers as well as a bottle of wine, also uploaded a selfie video with Ariana via on Instagram Stories. “I adore Ariana,” she declared. “This is happening right now.”

Meanwhile, Tom performed with his band Tom Sandoval and or the Most Extras the following night in Anaheim, California.

As Tom took the stage, many supporters in the audience screamed “Cheater, cheater!” as shown in a TikTok video. He did not answer, but when one of the guests exclaimed, “Ariana!” he said into the microphone, “We love her.” Another eyewitness informed a news outlet that concertgoers chanted “Douche” in his general direction.

Following their divorce, Ariana removed her Instagram page. Also, contrary to popular belief, Tom’s rep confirmed to a news exclusive that reality tv star has not moved out of both his and Ariana’s home.

March 2023

While he has yet to officially comment on his breakup from Ariana, Tom Sandoval posted on Instagram on March 4 to address the hate his restaurant’s staff have received since the news surfaced.

“Hello, I absolutely understand and deserve your anger and disappointment against me, but please keep [Tom] Schwartz, my friends, and family out of this,” he said on Instagram. “This was something really intimate.”

Following that, “”I’m very apologetic that my partners, Greg, Brett, Schwartz, and our staff had to suffer as a result of my conduct,” Tom continued. I will step back and take a break out of regard for my employees and partners. I’ll need to have some time to deal with everything else. Please accept my apologies for anything.”

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