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Linda Ripa | Lets Have A Look At Her Family Background

Linda Ripa

Linda Ripa | Lets Have A Look At Her Family Background: Linda Ripa has an interesting past. She was born to a bus driver father and a pregnant mother. She was pregnant at the time of the 1999 car accident that left her in critical condition.

The resulting trauma caused Ripa to break several bones, including her pelvis. This fracture forced her pelvis to be pushed on top of her unborn child, who subsequently went into a coma.

Linda Ripa | Lets Have A Look At Her Family Background

Linda Ripa

Her Father Was A Bus Driver

Linda Ripa is a best-selling author and has two siblings. Her father was a labor union president and bus driver. He was also a Democratic County Clerk in Camden County, New Jersey. Although Ripa’s educational background isn’t publicly known, it is likely she attended a college or university. Her sister Kelly Ripa is also an actress.

Linda Ripa’s Mother Suffered A Car Accident While Pregnant

Linda Ripa was born in Camden County, New Jersey. She is the elder sister of Kelly Ripa, an American actress and talk show host. She also has a niece, Lola Grace. Ripa was raised as a Roman Catholic.

Linda Ripa’s Relationship With Sergio Giuseppe

Linda Ripa married a police officer in mid-2013 and welcomed their son, Sergio Giuseppe Ripa, on September 8, 1999. Their son was born with a broken pelvis, which occurred when Ripa was hit by a van at a traffic crossing. Ripa suffered multiple fractures, including one of her pelvis bones, and her baby was placed in a coma.

Linda Ripa’s Height | Linda Ripa

Linda Ripa is a well-known TV personality and author. Her book earned her a handsome amount of wealth. She is active on social media sites like Twitter, where she has a following of 368. However, she keeps her personal life private.

Her Sister Kelly Ripa Is An Actress

Linda Ripa is the younger sister of Kelly Ripa, a famous American actress and dancer. She is married to actor Mark Consuelos. They met on the set of “All My Children.” They married in 1996 and have three children.

Her Brother Mark Consuelos Is An Actor

Linda Ripa’s brother, Mark Consuelos, is an actor and comedian. He is a frequent guest on The View. They have also acted together in a variety of films and television series. Mark has a net worth of more than $100 million, and is an accomplished writer and producer.

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