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Mahito | It’s Hard to Understand 10 Things About Mahito In Jujutsu Kaisen


Mahito | It’s Hard to Understand 10 Things About Mahito In Jujutsu Kaisen: The cursed spirit known as Mahito is one of the main characters in Jujutsu Kaisen, acting as Yuji’s foil until he is powerful enough just to face Sukuna directly.

This cursed spirit appears out of nowhere and posses one of the most powerful cursed techniques in all of JJK, but that’s about all fans know about it.


“Soul Or Body? Which came first?”

Because of his charisma, It is one of the most memorable cursed spirits introduced in the first season. Despite being a manipulative sociopath who has no regard for human life, Mahito is a likeable character.

In his action sequences, Mahito frequently discusses the human soul and body. Like the classic chicken and egg debate, Mahito wonders if the human soul or body came first. Given his cursed technique, Mahito’s curiosity about the soul and body makes sense, but the human soul’s mystery makes Mahito’s logic impossible to comprehend.

Yuji Itadori’s Protagonist, Mahito, Has More Growth Potential

It’s strength has surpassed Yuji’s in the manga. Though Yuji is the book’s overpowered protagonist who can learn at the speed of light, It has managed to outpace him despite fleeing every battle.

In the manga, Mahito learns new Barrier techniques from Satoru Gojo after only seeing him perform them once. Yuji’s learning speed is impressive, but Mahito’s is bizarre. A cursed spirit may be superior, but it is rare for a villain to outgrow a shonen protagonist.

Mahito’s Soul Can Transform Into Objects Without Soul

Mahito, the resident shape-shifter of Jujutsu Kaisen, can change his soul’s shape. The ability to change his body’s shape has allowed Mahito to undergo powerful transformations and evolutions, making him a far more lethal threat than before.

Changing shape doesn’t make a shapeshifter more powerful. In fact, a cursed technique that allows to change the shape of his soul shouldn’t allow him to increase its durability or strength. Unless Gege Akutami can explain how to alters his soul to resemble a sword, which most believe lacks a soul, most of Mahito’s upgrades are meaningless.

And yet, Mahito wants to annihilate humanity

To Mahito, human hatred towards each other is embodied. That is, every negative emotion a human has towards another human empowers the cursed spirit Mahito.

Still, Mahito’s life goal is to wipe out humanity to bring about a cursed age. Given Mahito’s core power, it seems naive to wish to eradicate humanity. The closer gets to completing his mission, the weaker he becomes. It’s absurd, but it allows Yuji to finally defeat Mahito if he survives the upcoming culling games.

“True Human” Or “Authentic Person”

Because Mahito is the conscious accumulation of humanity’s inability to coexist, his name roughly translates to “true human.” Because Mahito is a cursed spirit, his name isn’t surprising.

The mangaka of Jujutsu Kaisen, Gege Akutami, has dubbed one of his main antagonists Mahito. Despite the fact that the cursed spirit is not human. Maybe Akutami hopes fans will debate what a “true human” is after researching Mahito’s name.

Despite his youth, Mahito is one of the most powerful Cursed Spirits roaming Japan

It is repeatedly stated that Mahito is a young cursed spirit. A special grade cursed spirit, It is younger than the average cursed spirit that jujutsu sorcerers deal with.

Still, It is stronger and smarter than most cursed spirits. Characters like Sukuna and Nanami show that age brings experience and power in JJK. He is both childlike and powerful, which sets him apart.

Only other antagonists have been able to defeat Mahito using an OP Cursed Technique

The cursed spirit’s overpowered cursed technique is perhaps the most illogical aspect of Mahito’s character. The fact that Mahito’s cursed technique can defeat most of the series’ leads with a single touch may be confusing to some.

Though Mahito matches up well against Yuji, the cursed spirit is so powerful that only the JJK antagonists have beaten him. Why include a villain that the hero can only defeat with the help of other villains?

Terrorizing Yuji & His Friends, Mahito, Like The Other Unregistered Special Grade Cursed Spirits

One of the most appealing aspects of Jujutsu Kaisen is the way it builds suspense into its plotlines. Anyone looking for the origins of Mahito, Hanami, Jogo, and Dagon will find an important example.

Despite being four of the most powerful cursed spirits alive, their origins are unknown. The concepts behind creating cursed spirits are fictional and difficult to grasp, but they are understandable if JJK takes the time to explain their origin storey. Only a few cursed spirits have had their origin storey told on screen, so it’s unlikely Mahito will ever get that chance.

Despite fleeing every fight, Mahito claims NDEs make him stronger

After the first season of Jujutsu Kaisen, Mahito’s charisma and hyper-aggressive personality make him difficult to forget, but his ability to survive each encounter with jujutsu sorcerers is the main reason.

It may be young, but his ability to flee a fight is unmatch. This cowardice makes it difficult to explain how It has evolved so much since its introduction. JJK characters use near-death experiences to evolve as fighters.

Mahito achieves this growth while also calculating his limit. Not everyone in JJK has this level of self-awareness, which is why It can be so scared and still grow faster than anyone else in the series.

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