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Megalodon Vs Great White | There Was Evidence Of It Presence?

Megalodon Vs Great White

Megalodon Vs Great White | There Was Evidence Of It Presence?: Scientists have claimed that the megalodon, the largest shark ever to have existed, may not appear like an overgrown great white shark.

Megalodon Vs Great White | There Was Evidence Of It Presence?

Megalodon Vs Great White

No Evidence Exists To Support Either Claim

There is no evidence to support or contradict any claims about the appearance of Otodus megalodon. According to researchers from DePaul University’s Department of Biological Sciences. That in a paper published in the journal Historical Biology on February 6.

Megalodon sharks initially appeared on Earth around 20 million years ago and went extinct an estimated 3.6 million years ago, making them one of the oldest kinds of sharks on Earth. They may be able to grow to a length of 60 feet or more.

The disappearance of the megalodon is attributed to a variety of causes. Great white sharks, rising sea levels, and dwindling coastal ecosystems are just a few of the threats facing coastal communities today.

Fossils of megalodon teeth and vertebrae and the morphology of modern great white sharks, which coexisted with megalodons before they went extinct, were used to make inferences about the shark’s appearance.

Like Current Great White Sharks, O. Megalodon

Megalodons have depict in modern media as resembling huge great white sharks, like as in the 2018 action film The Meg. According to the authors study’s hypothesis deem unsupported. Also, shark body evolution was studied using two-dimensional charts. The researchers found that there was no correlation between these charts and how the megalodon would look.

Though O. megalodon may have resembled the present great white shark or lamnids. Also, we found that the two-dimensional technique does not definitely definitively allow the body form reconstruction for O. megalodon,” Jake J. Wood, one of the study authors stated in a press release.

In addition, a separate analysis released in 2020 predicted. The morphology of a megalodon based on five extant kinds of sharks, including great whites. This paper explicitly questioned these assumptions. That study, according to the authors. Also, used a bracketing technique to estimate what megalodons looked like based on the evolutionary history of sharks.

According to co-author Phillip C. Sternes, “all previously proposed body shapes of Otodus megalodon should treat as guesses from a scientific standpoint.” Fossil evidence of a complete or nearly complete skeleton of O. megalodon is require for any meaningful discussion of the species’ body morphology, according to Wood.

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