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Mental Fight | Raising Voices To Combat Stigma And Build Trust

Mental Health

Mental Fight | Raising Voices To Combat Stigma And Build Trust: Hey guys, today I am sharing some useful information about raising voices to combat stigma and build trust. Prioritize our mental health has never more important, but for many Black Americans, social and structural systemic factors have been barriers to receiving mental health care.

In the second year of #BlackHealthFacts, which began on Juneteenth, 2020, we will investigate these issues in order for raising awareness and influence change.

Mental Fight | Raising Voices To Combat Stigma And Build Trust

Mental Health

Stigma | Mental Fight

Negative attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions about mental health issues – is extremely common. I’ve heard people say that having a mental illness means you have a character flaw, a moral failing, that you are weak in character, or that you didn’t pray hard enough. “However, there is no shame in having a mental illness or in seeking help.”

Mistrust | Mental Fight

Black Americans stems from a history of mistreatment, including gynecologic operations on enslaved women without anaesthesia in the nineteenth century. Existing socioeconomic and healthcare system inequities, as well as a lack of cultural diversity and competence among clinicians, all play a role. Trust is an important factor in improving health outcomes. To be trusted, you must be trustworthy.

Psychologists And Psychiatrists Of Color

Finding a good fit for a mental health care professional can be difficult for anyone, but it is especially difficult for Black Americans who want to work with someone who is culturally responsive.

This can be difficult given the scarcity of Black professionals in the field. Whether you have health insurance or not, cost can be an issue.

Still, believes that finding the right fit in a mental health professional is possible — it may just take some effort. “Speak with or interview several people to ensure they understand your requirements.

Ascertain that they are at ease discussing issues of race and racism in this country. The key is to ask probing questions. You might not find the perfect or even a good fit on the first try. Continue to try.”

Self-Care | Mental Fight

Regular self-care reduces stress and leads to better physical and mental health. Regular exercise, eight hours of sleep per night, and a healthy diet are all important for maintaining a healthy body and mind, which has been especially important during the coronavirus pandemic’s first year and a half.

We have a season of political unrest, police brutality, and trauma, in addition to COVID-19. We’ve heard reports of increased anxiety, as well as sad and depressed moods. “The question is, what we do to look after ourselves? We want to make sure that we prioritise ourselves and take care of ourselves.”

The Bold Black Woman

Within Black culture, historical narratives of Black women’s strength are prevalent. The strong Black woman persona promotes a positive perception of unwavering strength and accomplishment, but it also encourages an obligation for putting everyone else’s needs ahead of your own and discourage showing vulnerability and practising self-care, potentially harming your own health.

As Black women, we must shed the mantle of the strong Black woman and ensure that we participate and prioritise self-care. We ensure that we do every possible for maintaining both our physical and mental health. And that includes seeking therapy if necessary, as well as support from friends and family.

Maternal Deaths

 Approximately 700 women die in the as a result of Every year in U.S., pregnancy complications, and Black women more likely than white women to die as a result of these avoidable deaths.

Black women’s voices are not heard. Women with all resources in the world Serena Williams, Beyoncé, Allyson Felix who had pregnancy and childbirth issues listened. We must ensure that women are heard and that their complaints are taken seriously, whether they are about pain, leg swelling, or depression.

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