Home News Microneedling Before And After, Info About Microneedling For Hair Loss

Microneedling Before And After, Info About Microneedling For Hair Loss

Microneedling Before And After

Microneedling Before And After, Info About Microneedling For Hair Loss: Hey guys, today I am sharing some useful information about microneedling. May this information helps you.

Here Some Information About Microneedling For Hair Loss

Microneedling Before And After


The procedure of using microneedling to treat hair loss is what it is. When it comes to hair loss treatment, microneedling is exactly what you’d expect.

A manual or motorised device with fine, tiny needles will be run across the scalp by a hair care professional and will only penetrate into the upper portion of the dermis, where the hair follicle is located.

Puncturing can help increase blood flow and collagen production, but it also creates “microchannels” that make topical hair loss treatments like minoxidil and finasteride more effective.

Who Can Benefit From Hair Loss Microneedling?

A microneedling treatment may be beneficial for people who have general hair loss or thinning or androgenetic alopecia. A genetic hair loss disorder caused by an excessive response to the hormone androgens.

We use it a lot where there are baby hairs on their way out,” or very fine, miniaturised hairs. To put it another way, “they’re on the verge of disappearing forever, but we have the ability to turn that around and create a hair that is more full, stronger, and thicker.”

People who have already lost all their hair in one area or on their entire scalp will get minimum to no benefit from the treatment.

It’s possible that in these cases, that the hair follicle bulbs that receive signals to form a new hair and grow it out of the scalp have “shrivell up and die.”

Adding microneedling to a bald area is “a lost cause, because it increases existing hair density but does not stimulate new follicle growth.

This can be accomplished with hair transplant surgery, which removes small sections of donor scalp with hair follicles, and places them in the area of the scalp where you want new hair to grow.

Is Microneedling A Risky Procedure If Used To Treat Hair Loss?

According to Kashian, microneedling for hair loss carries the same risk of infection. As any procedure that necessitates cutting the skin and opening a wound.

Despite this, he claims that “the risk of infection from microneedling is extremely low”. We’ve never see an infection from one of our patients because the incisions are so small.

Hence we’ve done thousands of these in our clinic over the years. Permanent hair damage and loss is a greater concern if the treatment is receive at a medical spa or clinic. That does not specialise in microneedling for hair.

Therefore, inexperienced providers may increase the needle depth excessively, damaging the hair bulb as it passes through the scalp.

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