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Moon In Leo, August 2021 will bring dramatic change

Moon In Leo

Moon In Leo, August 2021 will bring dramatic change: The fixed fire sign of Leo has an appetite for drama, luxury, and taking empowered action to make even the loftiest goals a reality. And this is time of year when the sun moves through Leo.

When you’re in a passionate season, your self-confidence soars, and you’re ready to take on anything. Also, while it’s great to be confident.

You should be ready for some surprises around the new moon of the Lion, which will occur on August 31 of next year.

Moon In Leo, August 2021 will bring dramatic change

Moon In Leo

Why Is There Always A New Moon?

The New Moon 101: A new moon occurs when the moon is not illuminated by the sun from our vantage point on Earth. You are giving way to a hauntingly dark sky, blank and full of possibility. This sky can almost serve as your vision board on which you can project your most powerful intentions.

In general, new moons are an excellent time to get your big-picture goals, dreams, and plans straightened out.

Use the energy to perform a ritual like talking to your therapist or a loved one, journaling, lighting a candle, or engaging in mental imagery. A new moon is an excellent time to set intentions, but some new moons are better for ritual than others.

New moons mark beginning of a new chapter in your life, one that will come to a close on February 16, 2022, when the full moon will be in the sign of Leo. When the new moon comes around, write down what you’ve been thinking about.

Then six months later, when the full moon coincides with it, go back and review your notes). Observe your progress and whether or not you’ve reached a turning point.)

The full moon that follows a new moon, two weeks later, is when you can start receiving answers to any questions you had around the new moon. As a result, mark August 22 on your calendar as a check-in date.

Who Is Most Likely To Affect By The New Moon In August

Your planets (sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, or Mars) would be in Leo (something you can learn from your natal chart). If you born under the sign of the Lion.

It means your birthday falls between July 23 and August 22. This new moon will affect you more than the average person. There could be some eye-opening experiences on the 8th for those with planets in their solar system within five degrees of the new moon (16 degrees Leo).

Like Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius, those born under a fixed sign will be affected by the intensity of this new moon, which result in dramatic changes, switch-ups, and breakthroughs.

The Staggering Observation

Whenever a new moon occurs, it’s an astrological opportunity to gain insight. The new moon’s energy in August won’t be easy to harness and zhushed into the ideal moment for setting intentions because of its dynamic, drive.

It okay, perhaps shocking and chaotic — tone. As opposed to being tense, it could be exciting and enlightening. It’s easy to get stucked in a rut.

When there are so many planets in fixed signs, but this new moon is about being open to new ideas and doing your best to welcome change. So dig your heels in now.

The sign of Leo isn’t known for its adaptability. Still, it is known for its optimism and big heart, so whatever the new moon brings. As long as you keep Lion’s sunny outlook in mind, you make the most of it.

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