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Naruto Fighting Sasuke, Some Of His Best Fights

Naruto Fighting Sasuke

Naruto Fighting Sasuke, Some Of His Best Fights: For as long as they’ve exist, they’ve has a natural tendency to clash. We can gain a deeper understanding of the shinobi’s abilities. As well as growth as genin under Iruka’s guidance by examining. The best shinobi-on-shinobi battles and who emerged victorious from them.

Naruto Fighting Sasuke, Some Of His Best Fights

Naruto Fighting Sasuke

Iruka Scheduled The First Fight Between The Boys

Their rivalry was already established when they first encountered each other. Although they were competing. The two men appeared to be on equal footing. When it came to their desire for Sakura’s affection.

Sasuke Won Easily Over Naruto.

Naruto and Sasuke’s first encounter was predictable, despite the hype surrounding it. When Sasuke quickly dispatched the knucklehead ninja. He left at his mercy.

There are a plenty of reasons for this. Sasuke, on the other hand, was a naturally gifted fighter whose Sharingan was already developing. While Naruto was completely undisciplined (having neither mastered shadow clones nor Kurama’s chakra).

Smackdown Outside Konoha’s Hospital Between The Two Ninja’s Sasuke And Naruto

Another fight between Sasuke and Naruto erupted on the roof of Konoha’s medical facility. His fear of his fellow’s growing power was what sparked the conversation.

After losing to Gaara, he needed to prove to himself. That he was still the strongest student on Team Seven. And that he was on the right track to avenge Itachi Uchiha’s death.

Despite Kakashi’s Interruption, Naruto Still Managed To Win The Fight.

Before the two shinobi could kill each other by hurling themselves into water towers, Kakashi intervened. In theory, this meant that the fight had ended in a stalemate. Because neither of the boys had been knocked out.

Confrontation Between Naruto And Sasuke Took Place At Valley Of The End.

When Naruto learned that Sasuke and the Sound Four had escaped from the Leaf. He joined Shikamaru’s team to find them. Naruto and Sasuke faced off against Orochimaru’s lieutenants one by one, whittled down their ranks until they came face-to-face.

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